Teacher's Day

Venezuela celebrates on January 15 National Teacher's Day, decreed 87 years ago by General Isaias Medina Angarita in recognition of the struggles initiated by Venezuelan Teachers on this date of 1932, when in the midst of the Gomecist dictatorship, a group of educators formed an association with the purpose of defending labor rights of teachers and improving education in Venezuela.

The Venezuelan Society of Teachers of Primary Education (SVMIP) began working to improve education in Venezuela, since it had a high level of illiteracy, founded the “Pedagogical Journal”, an informative body of the guild and in 1934 they held a seminar to discuss the deficiencies of the education system in the country.

The government of Gomez did not like the teachers' actions, which is why the Ministry of Public Education ordered teachers to separate from SVMIP.

Teachers continued to fight in hiding for the development of Venezuelan education, until the death of dictator Juan Vicente Gómez in 1936, when a national assembly of teachers was convened in which the Venezuelan Federation of Teachers (FVM) was founded.

During the administration of General Isaias Medina Angarita, the FVM directed its work towards modernizing education and improving the conditions of educators and acknowledging the importance of its work by decree the celebration of Teacher's Day on January 15 of each year.


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