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Here is part 9 of my fan fiction about the hunger games. Enjoy! (Soon I'll also be posting these on wattpad) I'll post part 10 when this gets 14 page views Please comment if you find any spelling or grammar errors. Katniss p.o.v Everybody's asleep except me. I have first watch. I'm hungry and probably the rest is too. We haven't eaten today. I wake up Peeta for the next shift. I won't really be able to sleep anyways so I think I'll just stay up with Peeta. We sit and after a while Peeta asks softly "that kiss.. from when I hit the force field.. did.. did you mean it?" I'm a little surprised. I didn't expect this. I look down. "Uhm.. yes. Yes I did." I say. "Oh" he replies. He moves closer to me. I look at him. I don't know what to say now. "I.. I meant it too" he tells me. He kisses me. I kiss back. "I'm sorry" he says "Don't be" I assure him. We keep being on watch. After a few hours I've fallen asleep. Next to Peeta. Peeta wakes me up. It's morning. Day 2 "Should we let them sleep?" Peeta asks "Sun just rose" I reply. "We should eat. And them too" "Hey Dominic wake up" Peeta whispers Dominic wakes up. "What? Is something wrong?" He whispers "No sun just rose. We have to eat" "Oh can we let Lilly sleep?" "Just for a little while. Until we've prepared the fish" I say. Peeta stands up to look at the fish. He smells it "I think we can eat this" he says "Can we make a fire yet? I mean like the hunters should have used fire by now" I ask but it's more of a suggestion. "I'll stay with Lilly and the both of you can get the wood. Also a few rocks" I demand. Dominic gets up carefully. He doesn't want to wake her up. I look at Lilly sleeping peacefully. I want to shoot a bird so we can eat it for our next meal. It wouldn't be enough for all of us so we'll have to hunt today, after that, we'll look for Finnick. I stand up and wait for a bird to fly by, I shoot it and hang it on the tree. Dominic and Peeta are back with the wood and I start a fire, a small one. Under the trees so if the hunters are looking for us, they won't find us that easily. Lilly's p.o.v I wake up and I see they've started a little fire. They're cooking the fish. Dom is making a plate out of pieces of wood. He ties them together with a piece of rope and puts the fish on it. He comes towards me. "Hey, I brought you food. I figured you might wanna eat something" He places the wooden plate on the ground beside me. "Thank you, did you eat something yet?" I reply. "No I'm about to" he says. "After this we're going hunting for food." Dom says I eat the fish. "Careful. The tail is still in it" Dom replies. He walks away to get his own. "We only had 3 fish" Katniss says. "I shot a bird so we can eat that after we hunt for new food." She adds "You can have a piece of my fish" Peeta offers. I ate half of my fish but I don't need more. "Can you eat the rest of mine? I don't want anymore" I tell Dom. "Sure" he replies. He puts the piece of fish he got from Peeta on the wooden plate and starts eating. I sit up straight and smile at him. He immediately stops eating to ask how I'm doing. "Hey babe, how are you doing? Is something wrong?" "No, I just wanted to sit. I'm fine" I reply. He sighs in relief, happy that nothing's wrong. I watch him finish eating. He gets up to get me some water. "Is your fever down?" He says as he lays his hand on my forehead. "I feel fine" I reply. "We're going hunting soon, you should feel better by then. If not, we can always go back" Katniss says. "I feel okay, really." I assure everyone. "Can I see your ankle?" Dom asks "Yeah" He pulls up my body suit to see if my ankle healed yet. "Can you stand? It's still a bit thick" he states I stand up and walk a little bit. "You really shouldn't be limping, are you sure you can hold this up? We're going as long as possible until we found some animals. You should stay here" Katniss says "You'll also miss Dominic. Hunting with 2 isn't ideal. I'm going with you guys. And if I'm not good after all I have Dominic to help me." I say back to Katniss. I don't want her to worry so much. "When are we going?" Peeta asks. "We can go in a few minutes. Is everyone ready?" "Yeah, I'll put some bandage around my ankle then were ready to go." I put the bandage around my ankle while Dom watches me do that. Then we go. Katniss p.o.v We're hunting, for food. I notice Lilly stopped limping. Maybe it's because she's holding Dominic's hand. Peeta caught a ribbit of some sort with his spear and I caught a bird. My skills with a bow and arrow are excellent for hunting. Suddenly I hear something crack behind us. I hope it's an animal. I turn around to see what it is. "Did you guys hear that" I say "No.?" Peeta replies "It's gone already" I say. We walk further.