#Manual to Use #Telegram

Telegram is a totally free instant messaging app without advertising. To know its possibilities I will show you this Guide.

Groups: Up to 200,000 #members
Delete messages: No time limit
Files: All types up to #1 .5GB
Can you hide your phone number ?: #Yes

A #telephone number is required for its use. Later a public #username can be established for the account by which it can be found without giving the number.
It has three types of ticks: the green (sent), the double green tick (received) and the double blue tick (read).


1. Download the
application from

2. We #open the

3. We introduce
phone number

4. We receive #SMS with a
#verification code to
enter to continue

5. You ask us for access to
the contacts. #Click on

6. Add us
contacts of
our #agenda
with the app

7. To #start a chat
particular select from the
contacts the person and
start writing.
Sending the messages
can be #programmed
holding down the

WE CREATE A #GROUP . In it all participants read and can write unless configured with
Other options

We give the group a name.
- Unified #history . When I join the
group I see all previous messages.
- Smart notifications. Mute it and
It only activates if they name you
- I can join the group with a link
or searching for it by name if it is public.
- If it is private, send the link that facilitates the
application to members

#By clicking on the group icon I can configure as
private or public plus other settings

In the same way, you can create a group from the circular pencil icon in the chat list.

CREATE #CHANNEL . They allow the diffusion of messages to an audience without limit of number. Similar to the groups but in the channels only the administrators will be able to write the rest of the users is limited to reading.

Press in the corner
upper left and
choose New channel

We name the
channel and we include a
Little description

We make it #public
(we write the #link )
or private (the application
provides us with the automatic link).

We started to spread

We share this link with #families .

Well #guys , at the bottom I will leave the same Instructions written but in Spanish, for Latino people and step by step. #b #thankyou