Telephone appointment with the internist

As long as I can remember I have to go to the hospital at least 1 to 2 per year to check for my congenital pituitary disease Panhypopituitarism . Because of corona this became a telephone appointment and where my preference goes to real life I didn't mind in this case. I have a very nice internist and she really took the time for me. Besides, I could now read all my questions off my list and write the answers. Something I probably wouldn't dare in real life. Nonsense, of course, but with a list, I feel a little stupid. In addition, not every doctor understands it.

My blood values were generally good only the Alkaline Phosphatase (e.g. liver bile, boats) were somewhat on the high side, but not as high as in 2016. I also have blood for the GP always prick in the hospital. It can also be done in, for example, the nursing home, but by doing it in the hospital the internist has also meant the blood results for my general practitioner and good comparative material.

My iron on the low side, but within normal value. That's been the case for years, so keep monitoring.
The inflammation levels in my blood have been too high for too long. The erythrocyte sedimentation rate may be up to 20 and is 40. Here I get a new form to prick blood soon and to consult with the pulmonologist in December. Now my pulmonologist has said that I have more sarcoidosis, but that my lymph glands have shrunk doesn't say anything about sarcoidosis. Possibly, a pet scan would be made later if it remains too high for too long.

According to year, I get another Dexa scan for bone density. My general practitioner also asked if I should not be treated preventively for osteoporosis, but this is monitored by the Dexa scan and if necessary, take action.

My blood pressure has been changing a lot over the years. Then too high, pills, too low with pills, take down pills, stay too low, stop taking pills, too low, stay too low and then suddenly too high again without anything changing my diet etc. Although it can depend on many different factors, the adrenal gland also controls blood pressure and my adrenal glands are not working properly (Addison's disease)

Furthermore, I have had some complaints for a number of years that I do not know where they come from, but also of this there is a good chance that he is due to my pituitary disease.
I always feel cold, but I'm not cold. My skin often hurts when touched, but not always. I also feel that my feet are cold sometimes, but just feel comfortable and the feeling in my toes is also just good. This is checked once a year by the diabetes nurse.

Very happy with this (telephone) appointment and gives me clarity and with that a bit of rest is this busy and stressful time.

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The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (10)
above photo: Unsplashs For my 10 th contribution to the challenge #140w with the word “breadcrumbs “I think of our animal friends. Here come me 140 words from today: Who hasn't given the ducklings some bread or breadcrumbs? Many of us probably and yet this is actually not so good. There are a number of reasons we need to get rid of that. First of all, some of those bread pieces are not eaten. This causes the emergence of algae that are very harmful to the fauna. They are the cause of fish mortality. It also causes the water to smell very unpleasant. That way, we disrupt the ecosystem. Another count is that bread does not contain the right or good nutrients that those lovely lovely ducklings need to maintain their body temperature. Can we not feed those ducklings?? Well, no bread or breadcrumbs but peas, bird seed, (boiled) rice and corn will digest the bugs better than bread. © Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere photo pixabay
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Fear of ambition
What if? - Most people have at the end of their lives... Unfulfilled ambitions. Children, work, circumstances you often hear "I don't have time for that”. I'm someone who's not in this.. I go completely for my ambitions and sacrifice very much for my success, but it may be out of fear. I'm afraid of “missing something”... My biggest fear is that at the end of my life I wouldn't have done something I wanted to do, hence I'm going like a hard train. I deliberately work part-time so that I would have more time, do not look for a girlfriend myself and spend most of my time on my ambitions. But recently there was a bell ringing.. What if I accomplish everything now, do everything I strive for, and at the end of my life I've done everything.... but only. Never had children, never cottage garden baby. Isn't that a “missed something”? I had to laugh about it, because it's kind of ironic. My fear of not being able to achieve something is now also a fear of ambition. Because if I go for the cottage garden baby, then I have unfulfilled ambitions because of lack of time... But if I go for my ambitions, I might end up alone thinking I missed something.