Telescope crafting of kitchen roll and toilet rolls

When I saw the beautiful picture book Armstrong, I only wanted one thing: tinkering a telescope! And of course one that you can really look through, so you can look at the moon, just like the mouse from the book. With a kitchen roll, 5 empty toilet rolls and gold corrugated cardboard, you make a stargazer as you see here. You want to know how to craft him? Look below, get started and watch the moon with your own star-viewer!


Torben Kuhlman / The Four Windlines

A small step for a mouse...Themes: space travel, rocket, persevering

America, 1954, a small mouse discovered through its telescope that the moon is a sphere of stone, not a hole cheese as he and the other mice have long thought. When he hears that a mouse has ever flown, he decides: “I will be the first mouse on the moon!”

An exciting story with a short history of space travel in the back.


Supplies:1 Kitchen roll, 5 toilet rolls, 1 sheet of gold corrugated cardboard, 1 styrofoam ball, 3 long satestokjes, 4 wooden beads, piece of aluminum foil, paint lead color (e.g. Creall Top Deco acrylic paint), glue (e.g. Creall Hobby glue), 4 pins, scissors, pieces of painting tape. Handy are 2 clothespins and a puncture pen.


  • Slide 2 toilet rolls over the kitchen roll and glue
  • Make 2 rolls a piece narrower by cutting a piece away and then sticking it again with painting tape. Painting tape is easy to paint over, ordinary adhesive tape does not
  • Cut 1 roll and cut the corners around. This will be the holder of the tripod
  • Paint all parts, so the long viewer, the 2 smaller rolls, the holder and the 4 wooden beads
  • Cut strips from the gold-colored corrugated cardboard and glue them to the viewer. With clothespins you squeeze it together so that the glue can dry well without having to hold it for a long time.

  • Glue the bead in the middle of the small roll and glue it on top of the long sleeve
  • For the tripod: Cut out a piece of the styrofoam a little hollow so that the roundness of the holder fits well
  • Wrap aluminum foil around the ball
  • Prick the ball to the holder with 4 pins. Prick the holes with a puncture pen
  • Now prick the 3 legs into the ball so that the tripod stands firmly
  • Glue the 3 beads at the bottom of the legs

If you look closely through your telescope, you might see the moon mouse, its space capsule or a flag on the moon. Want to know more about the first mouse or first human on the moon? Take a quick look at the book and experience an astronomical adventure!
The reading corner has made a reading video with this book! Watch the teaser here: