Tens of thousands of chickens dead in stable fire in Gelderland

The #megastal as an incendiary. In a stable fire in Harskamp, 24,000 chickens died yesterday. Because stables are often isolated, the fire brigade can often not be present on time. Sometimes there is not even extinguishing water available. So the fire department loses a lot of valuable time while the animals die. An old barn is still almost as badly secured as a shed toilet rolls.A million beasts died for nothing

Megastalls burn down relatively much more often than ordinary stables.
Over a million chickens, pigs and cows suffocated or burned in recent years, and dozens of farming families remained traumatized. What's going on? 12 years of stable fires: 1,900,000 victims. The figures for the past eleven years prove that every stable fire is one too many.

2020:8 fires with victims. 45,000* killed animals.
2019:16 fires with victims. 175,000 killed animals.
2018:20 fires with victims. 122,000 dead animals.
2017:23 fires with victims. 229,000 dead animals.
2016:21 fires with victims. 201,000 dead animals.
2015:13 fires with victims. 128,000 dead animals.
2014:14 fires with victims. 32,000 dead animals.
2013:17 fires with victims. 69,000 dead animals.
2012:11 fires with victims. 120,000 dead animals.
2011:17 fires with victims. 319,000 dead animals.
2010:20 fires with victims. 181,000 dead animals.
2009:20 fires with victims, 99,000 dead animals.
2008:24 fires with victims, 200,000 dead animals.

*The number of casualties at the #stalbrand in Bentelo on February 21, 2020 is estimated at 20,000.

Stop stablefireWake Dier continues to campaign to prevent animal suffering in stable fires. We want to improve this:
Sharper legislation. We're going to put pressure on the government.
Safer stables. We demand fire-resistant walls, extinguishing water supplies and fire detection.
Research into new techniques. We want animals to be able to flee in a fire.