The Teta de Niquitao-Guirigay Natural Monument is a natural protected area located in the state of Trujillo, Venezuela. It has the highest mountain in the state with an altitude of 4006 m. It is located in the parish of Niquitao in the municipality of Boconó, this Andean landscape is emblematic for all Trujillanos. This natural monument was promulgated according to decree No 1.473 on September 4, 1996 and published in Official Gazette No. 36.063 on October 11, 1996. It was justified by the need to protect and conserve unique landscapes made up of monoclinical crests, moors and relics of cloud forest. INPARQUES therefore guarantees the conservation and preservation of the natural and cultural resources of the area.
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Monumento Natural Teta De Niquitao