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EveryDay IsSa Blessing!

EveryDay IsSa Blessing!

#*32!*#02-10-1982#02-10-2014My Sign That It Is TIME!No More doubting Myself... Its just Madness, Its just Pointless, Thats Just be wasting Thoughts!Yes I Can, Yes I Will,I Have Al Along Fought the Way!Precise 32 and Got this Given Wake up call...Always Believed that Things Happen for a Reason.Each minute goes by I see More clear.Its a Blessing in disguise!Stay focused on the Good inspite of this Bad.Life Flashed by during the fire! Blew the Great Flame out on My Special day.Mine prayers for Change hereby Now Answered!!!There by got My Biggest Wish granted.Prayed for Guidance combine with Strenght towards My calling, That in the End I will have furfilled My purpose!It was a Bday never to Forget...Special ThanXx for Everybody for the Loving care, Sweet messages and Dear compassion!! Helped A Lot 2 See and Know how many Hearts We touched!!!Thank the Lord and Angels watched over Us...One LuVv 😘

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Wat leest dit lastig al die onnodige hoofdletters, ppfff
08-03-2017 19:42
08-03-2017 19:42