The 10 most vegan cities in Europe

The ten most vegan cities in Europe. Today, every country and city is moving towards conscious consumption at its own speed and course.

1. London (England)
In recent years, London has changed a lot. Not a single week goes by here without opening the juice bar or raw food restaurant. People in sportswear fill London's parks at any time of the year. Londoners practice yoga and meditation, attend master classes on healthy nutrition. The number of vegan restaurants, grocery stores and even clothing stores is continually increasing.

2. Berlin (Germany)

More and more purely, vegetarian and vegan restaurants appear. They are especially popular in Berlin. Today already 470 of them in the capital of Germany

3. Amsterdam (Netherlands)

In 2017, Amsterdam was named the most vegetarian city in Europe because of the number of vegetarian restaurants relative to the population. The capital of the Netherlands is famous for its Dutch burger Herb (made from seaweed). Other notable places, such as Mr. And Mrs. Watson, are famous for their vegan artisan cheeses.

Today, there are about 250 vegan restaurants within the city, but by promoting veganism, the Dutch are not limited to food
4. Milan (Italy)

Previously, in Milan, you ate risotto and cutlets, then sushi and burgers, and now it's time for vegetarian restaurants. Avocado toast, quinoa, chia seeds and another long list of vegan foods are a new trend.

5. Hamburg (Germany)

Vegan Hamburg is primarily known for its Vincent Vegan food truck, which recently opened its first traditional restaurant. In 2014, the start-up Vincent Vegan became the first mobile vegan refrigerated store in Germany.

6. Prague (Czech Republic)

Prague is one of the most progressive cities in Europe in terms of vegetarianism and veganism.
The main feature of Czech vegan food places is the rethinking of traditional national cuisine with the replacement of ingredients with vegetable alternatives.

7. Warsaw (Poland)

The fashion for the choice of nutrition has taken over the world, and the gastronomic map of Warsaw also became “green”. There are already 40 completely vegan places in the Polish capital. More than 500 have a wide variety of vegetarian/vegan options on the menu, from vegan snacks to vegan chocolate.

8. Edinburgh (Scotland)

The most beautiful city in Scotland is known to be the most vegan city. And overall, Edinburgh is the perfect place for lovers of culture, nature and good food.

9. Gothenburg (Sweden)

According to studies carried out in this city there are about 70 vegetarian/vegan restaurants. Not a bad indicator for a city with half a million inhabitants. One of the most famous and tourist-favored vegan restaurants is the elegant Open New Doors, located right on the bridge with a great view of the city.

10. Bristol (England)

This year, Bristol has become the city where people were most interested in rejecting animal products. This city in England for some years has become a real vegan Mecca. There are many vegan restaurants and cafes as well as sustainable and planet friendly beauty salons are also popular.
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