The 140 breadcrumbs or so... (3)


The Brood family counted two boys, Kruim and Homp. Then you had the only daughter Cut or Cut as many called her, especially those who were less hungry. Of course you had the aftermark Herman, but the only thing that could talk about was music.

The two brothers Kruim and Homp often talked about food. Especially Homp Bread, which was a somewhat washed out bread crumb among the breadcrumbs, could get Burgundy into the higher spheres if he had over all kinds of delicacies.

So they were again exchanging lustig culinary experiences.

“I was at a dinner yesterday, Kruim,” delicioused Homp. “I was immersed in a bouillabaisse of the tastiest and finest fish broth and four to five sublime types of fish.”

“I myself was on a nice barbecue yesterday,” Kruim replicated. “My buttocks are still black from it now”!!!

©Rudi J.P. Lejaeghere