The 3 Sisters of Destiny

There is a history of ancient mythology Greek who talks about Moiras , three sisters in charge of destination of every human being.

Clothing, Lachesis and Atropos.

The three sisters decide on the destination of Gods and Humans alike.

No person has the power to influence them or contest your actions!

Clotho , the youngest, has in her hands the “Thread of life” she is the very origin of every being's life

Lachesis , the second sister is the one who decides the fate of each human during his life, based on a number infinite of possibilities

The last one is Atropos , and is the one who is in charge of cutting the thread held by his youngest sister, and with her scissors determines how will die the person

Without a doubt, in spite of being mythology , son historias increíbles llenas of daydream e imagination .

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