The air bubble and the flake test

This is part of an interactive story. A story of which the main component (later) can be found here. This part is one of the trips.

Lots of reading fun! #flaketest, #write

Out-trip air bubble

I already told you about those bubbles in the ice. So those are the little snowmen of the future. They have yet to be born. And before the time comes, they have to learn an awful lot. Testing. Yes, the flake test for example. Do you know that? The flake test is a test for the unborn snowman. Here it is determined to what extent the ice skills are already present in base.

Any idea how that works? Such a flake test?

It's actually a simple story. I assume you know the appearance of a snowflake. A snowflake at a microscopic level. Beep, tiny and when you magnify it, you get the most beautiful crystals.

There's a very scientific process underneath it. Probably mom and dad can tell you exactly that.. That the water freezes and shrinks around a core. During this process, it creates amazing structures. So, a snowflake. Well, the flake test actually consists of nothing more or less than drawing out and making different of those structures. Sometimes you can see attempts of these snow drawings even on the ice. Usually not as beautifully marked as the flowers on your window or the actual flakes.

Oh, yeah, those flowers on your window, so those are the masterpieces of a final flake test. Have you found a beautiful one, you probably witnessed a piece of work by a newborn snowman. Nice, huh? ? Draw one, or try to cut one out of such a sheet of paper. Folding a couple of times and you can make the most beautiful structures.

To give you a picture of the flake test, I also made an attempt. You can see that attempt in the link below. Unfortunately, I didn't pass, but you, you can do better!

And, uh, there are more tests, I'll tell you about that, you want to know more about that, then go back to the main story, You can do that here.