The amazing Chess!

#Chess is one of the oldest and most #traditional board games played in the world, without distinction of

races, cultures and social customs. According to the trace that has been made about the #origin of this popular board #game , it is

has concluded that it is something of a distant relative of both #Chinese and #Japanese chess, because there is a belief that

says that all of them are an inspiration of #chaturanga , a game that was played in India #back in the 6th century and that

He arrived in #Spain thanks to the mediation of the Arabs

To be able to play chess it will #be necessary to have a chess board, the #pieces , know the rules of the game and a

rival to face of course.

Although #checkmate is one of the circumstances that will mark the end of the game, it is not the #only one, being that it is also

It can be ended by abandonment of a #player , excess time, a draw or a draw. Chess is a board game in which

two #people face each other, each having 16 tiles or pieces that #represent the different characters of a

monarchical army and each one has different #characteristics that, following the rules of the game, allow them to move

on the game board, divided into #64 #squares or squares, dark and light alternately.

The objective of chess is to first defeat the opponent's #King , taking him off the board.

According to the #rules of chess, this is #done by threatening the square occupied by the opponent's King with one of the pieces

their own, without the other player being able to #protect the King from him by interposing a piece between him and the piece that threatens him,

move his king to a free square or #capture the piece that is threatening him. #Leaving the other player without any of these

options, it results in checkmate and the end of the game.

A king
A queen or lady
Two #bishops
Two horses
Two towers or rocks
Eight pawns

The #towers are placed in the corners of the board, to the right and to the left.
The knights are placed in the squares immediately next to the rooks.
The bishops are placed in the squares immediately next to the knights.
The queen is placed on the central square of the same color as the player's pieces.
The king is placed on the vacant square next to the queen.
The pawns are all placed on the #next row on the #board .