The Bass Guitar

Why the bass guitar became a bare bass...


Our Bass is a real bald bass. He already had almost no hair at birth, but at a later age he got a certain disease, as a result of which he lost all his hair. Every time he woke up, there were plucking hair on his pillow, but also on the rest of his bed. When he took a shower, he saw whole plucks of hair disappear into the shower well. He had to get used to the fact that from now on he would go through life as Kale Bas.

Bas loved playing guitar. His preference was for the bass guitar, because it was so nice to his name. One day he pulled all the strings out of his guitar out of frustration, because he ran out of hair. I don't have hair, then the bass guitar no string either. His bass guitar also became a bare bass.

This piece of humor about the bald bass is really written for this month's fun 140 word challenge led by @Dewaputra .


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