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The beautiful Trinitarian


One of the plants best adapted to our tropical climate is the popular Trinitaria, this name with which it is recognized in Venezuela is far from the others it receives in the region: bougainvillea, bougambilia, papelillo, Napoleon, Veranera, Santa Rita, Camelina, Flor de Papel are others with which it is widely recognized; the Trinitarian can easily found in the different gardens of our city, because they are very ornamental and poorly maintained.

Native to the tropical forests of South America, it is scientifically known as Bougainvillea spectabilis from the Nyctaginaceae family.


  • It is a relatively fast-growing plant, it can grow more than 12 meters or 40 feet tall.
  • Tends to lean on other plants or nearby objects
  • Its trunk is woody and its branches are covered with thorns
  • Its leaves are green-ovate, wide and shiny
  • The blooms can be of different colors: white, fuchsia, yellow, pink, purple, orange. They are abundant and almost completely hide the leaves. Different colors can be found in the same plant.
  • It has a period of vegetative growth for several weeks, when new leaves and stems grow. If the plant gets enough sunlight, the plant will form buds during this time. If there is not enough sunlight, the plant will remain in a vegetative cycle and will not progress to the flowering period.
  • Its main use is ornamental
  • Its reproduction can be achieved by means of cuttings or cuttings and by aerial bending.

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