We continue the story of this great woman who went through a terrible fate.

Carrera Almoina's defense alleged that the 36-year-old man met Linda through an ad she made in the newspaper, in which she offered herself as an escort lady.He contacted her and after meeting they became boyfriends.

Carrera said that he helped Linda and her family financially and that he was the one who motivated her to study veterinary medicine. In addition, her lawyers accused Linda's family of running a prostitution ring, in which she and her sister participated.

With regard to the crime, he pleaded not guilty on the grounds that Linda appeared at his house a few days before she was rescued by the police, after some subjects he failed to recognize, left her at the door of his house in that physical and psychological state.

She also said that he wanted to go and report the people who had committed the crime, but that she asked him not to do it out of fear that they would retaliate against her and her family, and that he simply pleased her. That's why she didn't go to the police, or take her to a hospital.

Judge Rosa Cádiz, after hearing the statements of both parties, acquitted Luis Carrera Almoina of all guilt, claiming that Linda “sought what happened to her, because she was a prostitute”. In addition, the judge said that Linda was lying in her statements and that for that reason a trial would be initiated against her for having lied under oath and for having defamed the name of Luis Carrera.

As for the physical evidence in the apartment, in which a lot of blood was found on the walls and floor, as well as Linda's DNA all over the place; Judge Cádiz said there was a possibility that that blood was from the victim's menstruation. That's why she released Luis Carrera.

Linda's defense assured that the trial was manipulated and that evidence was destroyed, with the intention of exculpating Carrera from all charges. The young woman accused the aggressor's family of using their influences to free him.

After waiting a reasonable amount of time to appeal Judge Rosa Cádiz's decision, Linda begins the appeal process and wins a new trial against Luis Carrera. This time he is found guilty, but only on 2 counts charged.

Photo of Linda Loaiza in the Inter-American Court in 2018:


The Case of Linda Loaiza/Part 3