The Daily Life of the Sweet Wife of a Big Man in the Business Circle Is Also Known as: a Beautiful Woman with a Cute Wife (Song Qingcheng and Yu Tingchuan)

It's like a little bit of faith. Before long, my uncle bought the urn back. Around eight o'clock in the morning, a group of people left the funeral home with the ashes of the old man. Back to Tongzi Lane, about nine o'clock. According to the local custom of the rest of the country, it is necessary to go from the residence of the deceased to the cemetery where the ashes are buried. Song Qingcheng was sitting in Yu Tingchuan's Land Rover. As soon as he got out of the car, he saw several new black cars parked nearby, which made the road more and more crowded. When he returned to the courtyard, he saw Shen Che as soon as he entered the door. He was still wearing a stormtrooper uniform. He looked a little sloppy and decadent. He was still traveling and had come from Xinjiang specially. Shen Che was sitting at the table, saw Song Qingcheng in a white hat of filial piety, and immediately wanted to rush over to care, but when he saw Yu Tingchuan come in later, the eagerness of the strength slightly retreated. The courtyard can be described as crowded. Song Qingcheng did not expect so many people to attend the old lady's funeral, many of them were still strangers, and they were not the dozen or twenty people she had begun to think of. Seeing Yu Jing's mother and daughter and Yu Mingrong, Song Qingcheng did not come to his senses. I don't know when they came here. But looking at Yu Tingchuan's appearance, it should have been known for a long time. When Yu Tingchuan went to receive people from the Yu family, Shen Che took the opportunity to run to Song Qingcheng's side. After asking with concern, he saw that Song Qingcheng was in a good state. He looked at the people in the yard and sighed: "So many people, five out of ten came to flatter, but it's all right. Let Grandma go lively." Yes,china tile trim, compared to this situation, Song Qingcheng is more reluctant to watch the old man's funeral. There is a cemetery about twenty minutes away from Tongzi Lane. In the early years, Grandpa died and was buried there. At that time, the old lady bought a joint tomb, thinking that she would be buried with her husband after a hundred years. Song Qingcheng thought of these past events, his nose could not help but sour, a little twinkling of an eye,stainless steel tile edging, the line of sight happened to be staring at his own Shen Zhi, separated by people coming and going, his eyes with remembrance, standing under the sycamore tree, seems to be thinking about the memories of those years. Only the next second, Yu Jing suddenly jumped out from the side. Yu Jing stood beside her, with a slightly dignified expression and red eyes, as if she had just cried: "Last time Grandma made rice dumplings for me, how could she say no?" Song Qingcheng touched her head and let someone lean on his shoulder: "Actually, your second uncle is right. There will be such a time for people to conform to the way of heaven." "Do you listen to my uncle so much now?" Yu Jing spoke with a nasal voice. Song Qingcheng said casually, "What he said is reasonable. I have no reason not to listen." Yu Jing stretched out her hand and took Song Qingcheng's cold hand and held it firmly: "You don't have to worry. My second uncle cares about you so much. He will certainly help you to handle your grandmother's affairs properly." When the words fell, there was a sudden problem at the front of the funeral procession. One of the two nephews, who were responsible for carrying the sedan chair with the old man's memorial tablet, was not feeling well before leaving and began to vomit and diarrhea. Seeing that the time was going to be delayed, aluminum tile edge trim ,aluminium tile trim profiles, the whole team was in a bit of a mess. Someone shouted, "Are there any other nephews? Come and change one." Then, a child of twelve or thirteen years old stood out. People shake their heads, this is not nonsense? That sedan chair is not light. Song Qingcheng's face was slightly pale, because he also knew that there were only two or three nephews of the old lady, and his uncle was already there, and he could no longer find another one to carry the memorial tablet. Look for other nephews. They're either too old or they have other things on their hands. Just then, Lu Xishan suddenly said, "I'll carry it." When Lu Yunxuan heard this, she subconsciously pulled Lu Xishan out: "Dad-" It's not a good thing. Why do you want to be the first. Lu Xishan forcibly broke off his daughter's hand to stop him. Then he stepped forward and looked at Song Qingcheng, who was standing a few steps behind the sedan chair. He sighed helplessly and opened his mouth: "Speaking of it, our two families also bring relatives. I'm not an outsider to carry them." When Song Qingcheng heard this, he raised his head and looked at Lu Xishan. Shen Che raised his hand weakly: "I can do it too." "It's better to let the second child lift." Fu Min's voice came across: "It's also the grandson and son-in-law of the old man. His identity is suitable. I see that the road is not near. It should be more labor-saving to lift the second child." At this time, Shen Zhi also stood out: "I'll do it." The voice fell, Yu Tingchuan looked at the route back, just appeared in front of the team.
Yu Jing immediately ran up and said that there was no one to carry the sedan chair. Then she added oil and vinegar and shouted, "Qingcheng is so anxious that he is about to cry. Uncle, you go to carry it quickly, or you can only get on the thin chicken." Finish saying, still took a finger to point to Shen Che. Shen Che pursed the corners of his mouth and silently returned to the team. He could not lift the sedan chair and did not try to be brave. Song Qingcheng did not want to force people, even if there were expectations in his heart. However, before she could speak, Yu Tingchuan glanced at her here, then threw the cigarette in his hand on the ground and stamped it out. In the midst of the noise, he went straight to the sedan chair and discussed a few words with his uncle. Naturally, he became another person carrying the sedan chair. Yu Jing has returned to Song Qingcheng's side, quite proud: "I knew my second uncle would definitely agree." Next to him, a relative said, "The sedan chair is heavy. It really needs a young man to carry it." Yu Jing nodded: "My second uncle's stature is not white, and his strength is great." Song Qingcheng's line of sight still stayed on Yu Tingchuan's back. There were seven or eight steps between them. When the team set out, she pushed forward slightly in front of Yu Tingchuan, brushed the dust off his shoulders, and then returned to his original position. From the beginning to the end, he did not deliberately look at Yu Tingchuan. When we arrived at the cemetery, it was almost noon. Grandma's cinerary casket was put into the tomb. Song Qingcheng knelt down in front of the tomb to burn gold ingots. Under the white hat of filial piety, her eyebrows and eyes drooped, and her eyelashes were thick and dark. When everyone finished bowing and worshipping, a pair of leather shoes appeared in Song Qingcheng's line of sight. Yu Tingchuan squatted down beside her, picked up a few pieces of paper money and threw them into the brazier. Before leaving, Yu Tingchuan also kowtowed to the old man. Song Qingcheng did not expect him to kneel down so respectfully, after all, the age is there, and his grandmother and he are not close relatives, other people obviously did not expect,stainless steel tile edge trim, especially those who came to the funeral because of Yu Tingchuan, see Yu Tingchuan have pulled down their faces, have followed to kneel down again.