The Dark Crystal

Yesterday I posted my first October post. Because it was a 'Crystal' I had signed the urRu of the dark crystal.
Several people have commented that they didn't know what this was or what I was revering to.
Below I would give a brief explanation.

The Dark Crystal is a 1982 film (see photo). It is a fantasy film that has been referred by many as a children's film. Yet there are pretty scary aspects in it.
I sometimes compare this to Carbuncle in 'I, aim, loreland'.
Jim Henson, who also made the dolls of the Muppets, has also brought the different creatures to life here.

The core of the story is about a split of good and evil in a person. The Skeksis are evil, and the urRu are their benign counterpart.
It is visually very nicely done, but the storyline is rather long-winded.
You either love it, or you hate it.
It might be a really fun idea to watch this movie with Halloween.
I just recommend having the kids in bed.

Do you have any movies that recommend watching Halloween?

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