The day after.

The day after the elections in our country. We don't know the full results yet, but the picture is clear. We are going to do it with the VVD and D66. It wasn't my choice, it was all of us.. If it's all gone fair. That is still questioned by some. I'm not in that. There will be mistakes, but deliberate fraud on such a large scale that it has structurally influenced the outcome, I do not believe in that. I am a Christian, predecessor even, and voted for the Christian Union or the SGP all my life. This time I chose different. I had hoped that my vote would contribute to a sounding victory for FVD, and in fact it did.. Now when I look at the results, there's a complicated puzzle for the politicians. I myself pray that something will come out that will allow us, as Christians, to lead a “quiet and calm life”. Be tolerated. And may continue to proclaim the Word of God. Well, that's what next most Christians look like. But I still have a few questions.
1. How far does the state interference lead and what is acceptable?
2. What interpretation of the Word of God may we continue to proclaim? Is the “exegesis” still free?
3. How do we support each other as churches and Christians? I see a lot of internal struggles now and then, just read on CYP how Christians fly in each other over:
a. end-time prediction,
b. attitude towards gay marriage
c. Differences between male and female
d. faith in creation, resurrection, reign of Christ now or later and much more.
4. May we also preach freedom:
a. Kiss each other with a holy kiss
b. Do not omit your mutual meeting
c. Sings with each other praises and spiritual songs.
5. How do we give shape to being a Christian in this world. Discipleship. May we still touch the untouchables?

Just some questions. I know there's Corana in this world. But I believe that Christ reigns and conquered death. Precisely Christians should not be afraid. “perfect love drives out the fear”. Do we do it for another? Who knows. Respect is, but fear is not. It continues to look for the correct posture. But searching is something else than walking. Which voice do we follow. That of the Good Shepherd? Or those of mercenaries, who can lead us the wrong way and abandon the sheep if they can get better from it themselves.