The Day of the Holy Spirit (29)

... beautiful decoration in everyday life...

What the Holy Spirit does

Follow-up story Kalle en Pietje, part 29

When the Holy Spirit gets space, a Christian will notice it. And through him or her, people in the area also notice that. According to Sebastian, who leads this day, the Holy Spirit provides beautiful decoration in everyday life. Not in Baroque style, but He simply identifies who, how and where God is.


God also leads us - His children - into that family role. Both in the relationship between themselves, as well as our individual relationship with Himself as Father and Leidsman. The Holy Spirit provides order and unity in diversity. This diversity is also found in the gifts of the Spirit, as described in the Bible.

In addition, growth of the congregation - that Family of God - is an important goal. Without profit, but so that there may be plenty of blessings.

The new keyword of the month is womanizer . This is, of course, incorporated into this contribution to @Dewaputra 140 words of challenge.

Furthermore, the open to all Alpha course an important source of inspiration for this phase of the story about Kalle and Pietje.


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