The day Zwarte Piet was arrested for handing out Pepernuts

November 16, 2019, the day Zwarte Piet was arrested, for handing out Pepernuts and Black, a very black day!

In horror, I watched the Sinterklaas news today. After a few minutes I had to drop it off because I saw a lot of White Pietjes and ROETVEEEGPIETES.

I also followed the discussion about Zwarte Piet on Twitter with annoyance, of which my blood literally started to boil.

As in this tweet that shows that Zwarte Pieten were arrested, purely because they were BLACK.

Didn't this smells a bit of APARTMITTY?


The Netherlands has become a sad country, in which front and opponents of Zwarte Piet fly in their hair for what is more right now.

Innocent little children, with faces full of desire, who do not even know if Piet should be Black or White or with a face full of soot wipes, are on the side full of excitement waiting for them to see the “pieten”. Hoping for a handful of peppernuts.

Today, Zwarte Pieten are arrested for the simple fact that they are BLACK. It has all the 'appearances' that the Netherlands has succumbed to the terror of the terrorist organisation 'Kick Out Zwarte Piet', they are gaining a foothold and decide whether or not 'Piet' should be Black, White, Green, Pimpelpurple or Stroopwafel.

It has even caused an international riot, for certain black international artists, who KNOW of TOOT NO BLOW, including the rapper unknown to me. Waka Flocka Flam e , which I haven't heard of yet, refuses to come to the Netherlands, as long as Zwarte Piet remains here. Well, Wacka Flocka Mocka Makka, stay in your own country, we're not waiting for you... never heard of you, too, so I won't miss you here.


'Little children crying come home to say that they were scolded by white children because they are Black, 'I read on Twitter.

I do not want to downplay this and I strongly reject discrimination, but is it not the whole Anti-Zwarte Pieten movement that caused this whole situation itself?

Through their actions they cause a dichotomy in the Netherlands between people who are in favour and people who are against Zwarte Piet. There is an unbelievable hatred of the people who are against Black Pete, but that is something they cause themselves. The national turmoil extends into the hearts of the children, who take all this from what is happening in their environment.

Supposedly “adult” people, ruining an innocent children's party, almost causing civil war. In any case, it's already war on social media, in which you see PRO and Anti-Pieters arguing violently, even wishing each other's death and flying into each other's hair online.

What happened to our beautiful country, where people from outside here are trying to be out of service? They get their way more and more because the whole middle class does not dare to display Zwarte Pieten in their window window, because... imagine that your windows are thrown in by people who think that Zwarte Piet 'can', so they throw in the windows.

And it is the 'Kozp' people (Kick out Zwarte Piet) who have to be 'protected' by the police, because of the hatred they call on themselves with their behaviour.

Today it is in and in a sad state in the Netherlands!

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