The dead are getting cold numbers

The longer the coronacrisis lasted, the less attention to the lives that the virus demanded. Other problems fought for priority. , It's almost as if the life of a vulnerable older no longer counts. 'Elderly people get a sign hung: enough of life. '.

Patience with the weak, the sick and the elderly was surprisingly quick. Why did the majority of sent adapt to protect a minority of sick? At the expense of what all? It wasn't worth the price. Three million coronadodes, for example, the stable genius Baudet was willing to accept to defend our freedom, he said during the Last Supper with his disciples. (Three million extra coronadodes were also the number that natural science journal Nature would have mentioned if Europe had not taken measures against the virus.)

'I don't know', wrote Menno Wigman in the poem Grauzone, 'I see only the horde that gives birth to a horde, the streets where the ego crows ego.'