The effect of pandemic on Gaming Industry


During the Covid19 pandemic, when almost all of us were frustrated being locked in our homes having nothing to do. There were mobile game companies, having a time of their life.

Being a home rat, many of us were looking for ways to kill time, and mobile games turned out to be a savior for many. During that unfortunate time, mobile games experienced a huge surge in their user base.

For example, the German word game 4 Bilder 1 Wort gained over a million user in that single year. The game currently have over 10,000,000+ active installs and is one of the most played word games in Germany.

That concludes, Covid was a worst phase of life for a majority of us but it was a blessing for game development companies and we saw many of them broke all their past records in that 12 to 15 months period.

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