The Environment of the Sea and the Sand | Gustavo Perez

The Environment of the Sea and the Sand

The environment of the sea and the sand

Go to the beach and return to that characteristic smell, the sound of the breeze and that moment when you shake your toes in the foamy water that refreshes you and transmits a tranquility, at least for me and for many people I know that this is so when you go to the sea and sit on the sand while the sound of the wind and the sea snorts at your around, I'm sure it's an indescribable experience. 

Many times we go to the beach to swim but without staying to admire for a moment our surroundings and the beauty of nature. That's why the next experience you have going to the beach, try to take adequate time to admire this beauty and pay attention to each of the sounds. 

The rhythm of the waves and the soft sounds they produce echo in our inner part and give us a sense of peace and a calming effect. In fact, many people like to place the sound of the sea on Youtube or in other applications. So take the moment to enjoy and appreciate this thing that is so valuable when we go to the sea. 

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