The Genius of Books.

#deed #writingretouting #books One of my favorite pastimes perhaps the main one is reading, I appreciate books as an exquisite form of expression, learning, art and entertainment. Nothing compared to the scent of the pages or the sound of the passage of them as we advance the adventure described with such creativity that envelops the expectant reader. I have had the opportunity to read Harry Potter, Pride and Prejudice, The Room of Amber, Under the Same Star, Twilight, among others, and I say this because it is ironic that something so substantial, basic and necessary for the development of the individual and society is one of the most expensive distractions, at least in my country.
I admire the ability of writers who with their well-used words guide us (yes, as in meditation) on a journey to other places, even worlds. Intense journeys that are sometimes fun, sometimes terrifying and those that can never miss those full of drama and romance hahaha. Who read Harry Potter did not walk through the corridors or even better the stairs of the magic Hogwarts?
Nowadays you can find a book in its digital version with a clip, in part it is something favourable to the environment because of the origin of obtaining paper; but nothing compares with that divine feeling of having a copy in your hands and enjoying the pass of leaves, without leaving aside the agony when you notice that after each reading is going leaving less to read hahaha.
In this way I want to invite you to develop, practice, maintain and enjoy the habit of reading, since through it there are many intellectual, social and individual benefits such as strengthening the critical, analytical and constructive personality.