The God of my life! (2)

It was a lot of what this little man had to learn back then. That was always said: “You still have a lot to learn!” And most of the time, the act was added to the word. My first two years I learned - as I understood afterwards - that I had to poop on the pot, not scream on the bed, eat with a spoon, not stand against the window with my hands and so many useful things. Sometimes two things were also conveniently merged together. The underside of the high chair was equipped with a po. You were not allowed off before you emptied your plate of spinach and that sometimes took a very long time, because I had to learn that it was delicious. The longer it took, the more likely that something was put in the pot. Then there was something to be happy about.

I don't think I've heard the words deliberately. They must be pronounced at my baptism: Incompetent to any good, inclined to all evil, to all kinds of misery and even to damnation. I didn't hear it then, but I can't remember a moment when I wasn't quite sure about this. I was no good, and the only one who could do anything about it was God Himself. Well, he didn't actually, either, because the case was already closed before I was born. After all, the election was arranged before creation. The first few years didn't scare me. Everything was so familiar and so that kind of God was.

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