The good of Trump

Wealth is not everything; or is it...?


Suppose you're rich. Stondy. You set up a beautiful company and you have money for water. The media company is doing well. Very good. You work hard for it and you lead a luxurious life. You have a closet of a house and a nice place as a country house, but also a limousine. If you have that kind of money, a car like this can be easily taken off. But... limousines can also break down. The tires of the car don't have eternal tire life either. They could get leaked. Your wealth does not save you this kind of “minor sorrow.”

There you sit in your luxury limousine with your feet nice in a hot tub and a glass of champagne in your hand. The ride goes all the way to your liking, right up to that blowout. The water bubbles from the shock out of the bath and makes you pretty wet. The champagne goes down your throat just a little too fast and the caviar stays stuck in it somewhere. The cigar flies through the air and comes down on your suit, causing a scorch in it.

Unexpected Angle Help

Balls, bales, bales! But you don't let your temper and your generosity ruin by that little misery. Then your driver comes to you and tells you there's a motorist offering his help. He replaces the tire of the car for you, so you can move on quickly. He's not impressed by the size of your car or who you are. He's not asking for an autograph or a photo shoot so he can prove he's met you. No, he's humility itself.


Naturally, you want to thank the man for his good deeds and ask what you can do for him or what you can give him. He's not thinking about himself. No, he's thinking about his wife. His wife loves flowers, so he asks for a bouquet of flowers for his wife. Of course, you can handle that with pleasure. But... the man doesn't know you're very generous.

Surprise: Trumpets sound...!


A few weeks later, the florist stands at the door of the couple with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Bigger and prettier than he's ever seen. His wife does not know what to say about gratitude and surprise. The most beautiful flowers in the colors she likes best in a beautiful vase. She is deeply moved, and so is her husband.

And then they see the note that comes with it. Sitting on the couch, enjoying the flowers on the table in front of them and having poured a nice but cheap wine, the man reads the note to his wife. He keeps getting redder, his voice starts to tremble more and more; more and more tears roll out of his eyes. So much water comes out, they can fill a foot bath themselves. His wife experiences the same emotions as her husband. In the end, they can only cry and laugh in each other's arms at the same time. They're so intensely grateful.

The rich man, he's not a stingy. The note says:

We have paid off your mortgage.


The truth content aboutTrump...

Of course, you never believe that this happened true, and I admit that 99% of this article comes purely from my brain. But that one percent that remains is true. The multimillionaire is the most important man in the world, about whom most people will have an opinion. You're either for him or against him and maybe neutral, but he's generous.


This story stands in the Tribute . The author of that article checked the facts for truth. So I did not do it myself, but the link is worth reading. Here are more beautiful deeds Trump has done. We can say what we want from him, but if this is true, he is particularly generous and has a grateful heart.

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