Let's not lose the glamour when writing. This platform is made up of thousands of people from different countries and to understand each other when we read each other, we have to make use of translators.
Grammar is to be understood as the set of linguistic rules governing the use of a particular language. In our cases, most members write in Dutch, English or Spanish.
Thus, the grammatical structure and the organization of sentences will be different in each of the languages and that is why when it is translated it may sound like Tarzan is writing.
Grammar and spelling are the same?
They are not, they are terms that are often taught together, especially when we are in school.
By grammar we must understand the formal logic of each language and by spelling, the correct way to write words. It is necessary to pay special attention when attaching them to the score to comply with the normative part of the language.
It is essential to have good grammar when expressing yourself through articles so that it is easy to understand them.
Finally, spelling will allow us to fully capture the ideas mentioned in the text. However, it will be an advantage for us to handle these two elements so that our articles are free of spelling and grammatical errors.

Let's take care of our language!


Lesbian Elena

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The grammar virus came

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