The Great Artist

Who's the Artist?

Artwork..., what can you write about that?

I am inspired by the great Artist, the Inspirator for Artists and Writers, the Person who inspired artists and writers to create special works of art, such as paintings or other forms of art. The Person who made people write beautiful poems and books and who invented love.

work of art

That great artist invented us, wanted and created us. When He had done so, He came to the conclusion that it was very good.

You could say that by creating man He created a work of art. We are artfully woven by the Artist with the great K.

Why don't you just stand by how wonderful we are? You would say that conceiving and making this art was a lot of work, but He just spoke words and there we are.

This is my first contribution to the 140 words writing challenges.

This month, the keyword ' work of art '.

work of art

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