The importance of Christmas with the family

#christmas I always have the most precious memories in my mind, the family reunion at Christmas time, seeing the happy and excited face of my whole family, because in Venezuela, Christmas is a symbol of union and of seeing again not only parents, siblings and nephews, but also grandparents, cousins and all those who meet at home on these dates.

In this era, sharing traditions with the family and transmitting the importance of giving and receiving love, of being supportive, of nourishing the spirit and of enjoying the little things in life, become the best gift we can offer to our loved ones. It is a time to renew faith in God, love others, and highlight love and peace. To do this, it is essential to share values with children and teach them that happiness is not only in gifts and material gifts.

The main thing is to enjoy with joy and spirituality. Transmit to children the message of renewal of faith and the joy that accompanies Christmas traditions. These are ways to cultivate the spirit and find happiness within each other. Reflecting and praying together, talking about the meaning of Christmas in different religious traditions, telling anecdotes about celebrating these traditions in the family, are a way to strengthen the Christmas spirit.

Sharing with loved ones, to give, not just to receive. Christmas is a time of customs that invite you to participate in a message of love and dedication. Motivate your children to think about others without being limited to their close friends or acquaintances. Teach them to share with those in need, to be supportive and to be willing to give selflessly. Don't obsess over the gift list.

Asking from the heart has great value. For example, the health of a family member, the well-being of friends, or living in harmony. Additionally, not all gifts given at Christmas need to be bought. You can give a card or make an invitation to eat. In the face of changes in the modern world, many of these traditions have been lost.

Indeed, many children seem oblivious to the family rituals of yesteryear. These family celebrations create emotional bonds of love and joy. So take the opportunity to rescue, with your children, traditions such as singing carols, making recipes and exchanging them with neighbors, telling Christmas stories, doing crafts or playing bonuses. First of all, maintaining a loving, generous and cheerful attitude is the best thing to transmit to children.

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