The Jewish Bride

Jewish family story from World War II

The story of Ron Emmerik, shoemaker in Veenendaal

“Actually, I don't have much to do with the cobbler.I wear sneakers.” So begins the story, which I received after a visit to shoemaker Van Boordt in Veenendaal.A characteristic story about the violent family troubles of the Emmeriks in World War II.A story full of hope and love, too.

I can't share the entire history in 140 words.But it is extremely special, I can tell you.


It is about Rebekka Emmerik, who became engaged to Leendert Brilleman in 1943.Unfortunately, Leendert was arrested in a raid and eventually ended up in Westerbork.At that time, Rebekka was already there.She saw an opportunity to embrace her lover, and to her surprise he asked her to marry him.

Her yes meant: together on transport to Sobibor.The end of their lives, with hope and love as basic elements.

This family story from WWII fits with its 140 words, in which keyword gourd is hidden, in the challenge led by @Dewaputra .


The story of 5 A4's I received from the shoemaker by mail.It's impressive how this man can tell, also about this.But - so I think now - maybe that's also his Jewish background...If you are interested in this story, please feel free to contact me.He lets me share it indefinitely.

The image of the cobbler is in the shop in the center of Veenendaal.The image of the Stolperstein has nothing to do with this family.Well, with Westerbork.

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My Dolls,
#yoorsapril2021 I loved them when they were ready. I thanked my mom because as a child to keep me busy and not being uneasy in the leisure time she took me with her to her craft workshops.. Before they were a nuisance, today I value it and treasure it because it was a wonderful gift from the best mother in the world, mine. Every stitch was a constant learning because I wanted them perfect and with every mistake or failure they were teaching me how to shape them.. All three are equal and different, unique and wonderful. Together they are the best sample of women's beauty because it doesn't matter the skin color, hair type, body shape, scars (they have them in every stitch of their body by the thread that shapes them), what really matters is what they show, what they transmit. My mom didn't know years ago - I won't say how many but the 30s pass - I didn't know the concept of Sorority or Empowerment, but it was what she and her friends were doing and what she transmitted to me so that I now do it with my daughter.. I can't take her to workshops because the pandemic locked us up, so the workshop is home and now we make candy and dolls.. She is happy because she has “many dolls that Mom made and they are the most special ones”, I am because it will be three generations to whom she will unite the spirit of creating and believing that dreams are built with a constant trial and error.
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My Lego sets
Yoormembers Day! Today I show some of my Lego sets. The first is a racing car from Lego City. The second I broke down yesterday and then remade. The third is a shark, which I recently ordered through The fourth is a Santa Claus, which I also demolished yesterday and rebuilt. (I did not get the price from the box.) Thank you so much for reading this blog. I would certainly appreciate a heart!