The knot is cut

The Knot is Cut

Well, what am I supposed to say about that?. Thought about it for a long time and still not done. Now it's time for that to change. My daughter's question I figured that out. And yes, for many, I got a rejection because she's still so young. On the one hand I get it, but on the other hand, with a lot of guidance, I certainly thought it could be.

Yeah, now you're wondering about gosh Rosita, what are you talking about?. Well, I'm going to explain that to you.

Charlene wondering from mom I would like to work out with you at a gym. But charlene is only 10 years old, so many gyms don't allow that. And yes, there are special sports for children, but charlene finds it difficult to play sports in groups of her own age. Did we try many times and yet charlene soon got the feeling that all the kids were going to put her aside because she's just a little busier than the rest.
That's why charlene wants to work out with mom.
I have visited and emailed a lot of gyms asking them if they were going to allow that. Now finally I've found a gym that allows it and wants to guide us. For charlene, it's more about how she can lose a little bit of energy to just go to the gym after school and then go to the gym after dinner after the evening. That way she can clear her head a little bit.

And yes I've been wanting to go to the gym for some time to lose some pounds but then stopped me again and then again that and yes only sports I don't like anything so this is also a great opportunity for me to do some weight and rebuild a bit of fitness.

Early tomorrow at 9 am we have our first sport morning. Is someone with us who explains how everything works for a moment, because of course we don't know yet.

My goal is to lose quite pounds and I'm not just going to do that through sports. I'm going to change my food and I'm going to try something that has already resulted in a lot of people.

It's 1 drink a day and that's the Prevail Europa Cacoa and I'm going to use the Tropical blast. I'm going to use two types for a bit of variety because that's important to me. It's an appetite inhibitor and super fat burner.
2 people in my area have used this with sports and healthy eating and have lost a lot of weight so I'm going to try it too. I'm very curious after that if I'm going to succeed, and if I'm going to get results.

I'm going to take a picture when I start with it and when I'm a few weeks further so I can see the result when it comes to work.

I'm very positive about it and I'm curious what it's going to be like and I'm not just doing it for myself, it's also a mother daughter moment every day what charlene is quite important.

Both of us have an advantage in this, so that's a nice thing.

I'll keep you guys up to date if that one drink a day is really going to help with me, I'll take the challenge and who knows if it does work that a lot of people would benefit from it.

Towards a healthy body and a healthy weight and with great pleasure in exercising.

Lots of love @mama -rosita  
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