The legend of la Sayona

#shortstory La Sayona was a very beautiful woman who was the wife of a very womanizer, possessed several lovers. La Sayona's real name is Timotea.

Legend has it that once, while her husband was asleep, she heard that he mentioned the name Casilda, this name corresponds to that of her mother. As she didn't trust her husband, she assumed that one of her husband's lovers was her own mother. The next morning he went out very early to his mother's house and wore a very sharp knife between her dress. When her mother offered him coffee, she put the knife into his stomach and her mother, dying, said:

- Why are you? Why do you do it?

- You're also a lover of my husband

- A mother is sacred — I told her, almost dying — you will be a cursed woman. I go to the grave quiet but you, you will become a despicable being, and you will never find comfort or rest, wander for all eternity chasing men.

At this moment, she starts wandering around the Venezuelan countries; La Sayona, appearing to men on the mountain, or in the savannah and is apparently a very beautiful woman with long silky hair and beautiful and attractive body.

The men who see her fall in love instantly, she blissful accepts the propositions that are made to them and takes them to the mountain, once they want to make her own, she immediately transforms, shouts desperately, her teeth turn into sharp fangs, her hair completely fusks, her nails become claws, through the mouth is burning and the eyes are like two bloodballs.

Men usually go crazy or die right away, and only some live to tell. Those men who know about the existence of La Sayona, when they travel alone carry a cross of blessed palm and when they show it to them they flee despavorida. She usually hides in the streams, in the savannah and the plains of the State Apure. At present, La Sayona is said to be the wife of the devil.

On one occasion, a brave man, in order to end his curse, wanted to punish La Sayona, it is known that the old man put his underwear upside down, that he sought it, sneaking around some branches of altamisa and when La Sayona came out, prayed the Creed backwards, to the harsh punishment with the branches of altamisa but could not remove the encane from him or remove it from its curse, so La Sayona continues to wander the plains, and its surroundings