The leopard recovers, too well. (part of my follow-up story about the flight of Robben Island)

Last week I told you how Shaka's friends came to help him. They wanted to go on an adventure with him. Of course there is also a wounded leopard that needs care.

This week is the start of the connection between my fantasy story and reality. Shaka hasn't really been in history for years. Next week, he will reappear in the part that was really to be found. With that I will also finish the stories around Shaka.

Photo from brianstephens00 on pixabay


Shaka is happy with his friends, the band he apparently has. Still, he doesn't want to leave. His mother is still inside the walls, and the Leopard needs his help too. The group distributes the tasks. Food is provided, leopard care is distributed and the hut is prepared for real habitation.

The group is resourceful, soon a kind of traps have been set out to catch small game, roots and plants are wanted, the meal is actually a feast.

The group loves it and Shaka turns out to be a great leader.

The leopard heals quickly from his wounds and more and more often in the morning he is not found at the hut. In the afternoon, when the group goes out to check the traps, he often returns in peace. Earlier than the group.

Regularly the leopard does catch and the group returns to the cabin empty-handed.

Sometimes it's hard to share the freshly caught animal. The leopard does not give up its spoils to other than Shaka.

That's how Shaka's face grows, and now and then he shows himself at the walls of the city. Quietly he walks by, proud, like a true warrior. Preferably with the leopard at his side.

Especially the moments when the leopard has captured a beautiful loot fill Shaka with pride. The tribe must be impressed by Shaka's grip on the animal.

Now and then there are signals coming from the city. Shaka's mother is also recovering.

She's up, even runs and it won't take long or she too will show herself at the walls.

Shaka can't wait.

Yet there is also some tension in his body. The oldest in the city, how is the bond with him, can he just go back?

The answer is given to them more or less automatically when the leopard appears at the hut with a subsequent booty.

No bird, no little game, no, the leopard is clearly dragging something big. The contours are still vague. There seem to be rags hanging from the cadaver.

Lapp? Why rags?

What's going on here?

Shaka looks at the loot. He knows for sure. The eldest will not have an opinion on whether or not to return to the group. The oldest will not be at all.

Yet back to the city is no longer an option.

The group is vacating, what are they supposed to do??