The Lost Daughter Movie Review (2022)

The Lost Daughter Movie Review (2022)

Based on an elegiac novel by Elena Ferrante, rookie director Maggie Gyllenhaals' film is a movie about not-so-good people, but it won't surprise you that rookie director Maggie Gyllenhaals denounces them. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal made her directorial debut in the film adaptation (she also wrote the screenplay) of Elena Ferrante's The Lost Daughter. Maggie Gyllenhaal adapted The Lost Daughter from the 2006 novel of the same name by Italian writer Elena Ferrante Italian writer Elena Ferrante.

In the production notes for The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal says she found something "very strange and painful, but also undeniably true" in Ferrantes' work, and the mother-of-two herself made the film, which also feels very personal. ultimately, this is not a story of her own invention. The Lost Daughter, as in many of Elena Ferrante's other works (fans will note themes further explored in her best-selling Neapolitan novels), dares to say that for some, motherhood may not actualize the personality. , but rob him, especially if, like Leda Caruso, she becomes one as soon as she grows up (calculating that Leda was 23 when she had her first child and 25 when she had her second). characters, fuels the mood and evokes emotions - love, desire, fear, melancholy - that cling to memory, lingering long after his exquisitely composed final take.

Lost Daughter is an incredible first film and an incredible film overall, but its best quality is probably how mature it is for the characters it plays, like It understands that empathy may need to be precise as well. Not kindness. If anything, aspiring director Maggie Gyllenhaal's films are very sympathetic to their characters, chief among them Leda Lay.

Rather than satisfy our curiosity, however, The Lost Daughter shows us Leda (Olivia Colman) impatiently scolding her two daughters or refusing to kiss them and soothe their tears, until finally ending with an invitation to the meeting Form Truce A charismatic researcher (Sarsgaard) praises his professional work in front of a roomful of peers. We see two daughters, no matter how charming they are, making constant demands on the protagonist of the film, denying them the opportunity to be good students and mothers. Lida found a daughter for them and even stole her daughter's doll.

Leda becomes involved with the search party and helps their youngest daughter reunite with her mother, Nina (Dakota Johnson). After an initially tough encounter on the beach with Ninasa's formidable sister-in-law, Leda ingratiates herself with her family when she finds a lost Elena who got lost in the bushes. Watching Nina and her little daughter Elena interact, Leda begins to think about Leda's daughters Bianca and Martha, now 25 and 23 years old, and they live on the other side of the world, away from the paradise beach. A flashback catches Leda Caruso's attention; When Nina's (Dakota Johnson) young daughter, a beautiful and lethargic member of the Queens who immediately catches Leda's attention, disappears briefly, Nina (Dakota Johnson) in a panic remembers 20-year-old Leda (Jesse Buckley) in despair. looking for his daughter Bianca on the beach.

Ledas finds herself looking at a young woman named Nina (Dakota Johnson), who is busy caring for her sister-in-law Kelly (Dagmara Domincik) to be pregnant with her first child. and her own youngest daughter Elena, her youngest daughter Elena. Shocked and suffocated, protagonist Lida left her two young daughters for three years. Shortly after Leda arrives, he meets Nina, a young mother who is on vacation with her rowdy, bossy, mafia-related family. Leda spends the holidays alone, keeping a close eye on her, especially Nina, whose relationship with her young daughter Elena reminds Leda of Leda's strained relationship with her two adult daughters, Martha and Bianca .

Leda deceptively pretends to help Noisy one more time, but this time, oddly enough, she finds the doll and keeps it for herself. The daughters are like wild chimpanzees and Leda cannot escape. The film pokes fun at that past with flashbacks and cryptic comments that the elderly Leda makes in the present, but the real engine behind The Lost Daughter's story, which features a stolen doll, is fragile, uninteresting, and somewhat destructive. central character. The story of this film's adaptation alternates between a modern-day Leda trying to come to terms with her past, and flashbacks from that past where young Leda barely clings to her children, each time seeing a little more of what young Leda had to. going through it just trying to be a good mother but feeling overwhelmed by it all, we have a real idea of ​​how it could have made her introverted like she is.

The film adaptation follows Lida (Olivia Colman) who just wants a nice little vacation where she can sit on the beach and eat a croissant (Olivia Colman). ), unfortunately only a group of loud, noisy people around distract her. First a little girl goes missing, then her doll in The Lost Daughter, a daring psychodrama that's supposed to spend an idyllic summer on the Greek island of Speights, but doesn't make sense to Austria. For Livia, it became a belated emotional exercise. In the opening scene on the Greek island of Spetses, the character Leda faints on the beach, bleeding from her stomach. Lida, played by Olivia Colman, collapses on the beach in the opening scene, bleeding from her stomach. In the opening scene of "Lost Daughter," Maggie Gyllenhaals' extraordinarily flawless, endlessly moving directorial debut, when Olivia Colmans Leda (Olivia Colmans Leda) Colmans Leda was dressed in white when she stumbled on the pebbles of a twilight Greek beach. From the opening minutes of Maggie Gyllenhaals' brooding directorial debut on Netflix, "The Lost Daughter," it becomes clear that a dark secret is hunting down 48-year-old English literature professor Leda Caruso (the gorgeous Olivia Colman). ) for a sunny Mediterranean holiday. Compare that to the gorgeous Olivia Coleman.

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