The magic world of the magician.

There was a magician named baltasaar, who built a paradise with his own hands. Where the most beautiful parrots lived. The forest had the most beautiful flowers as beautiful as the most beautiful ruby in the world. So bright that you kept looking at how beautiful it is in the sun. Baltasaar also loved animals with his magic wand, he conveys the beautiful animals that were just more beautiful than the other. Without animals, no forest, the magician thought a forest with lots of beautiful trees, plants, waterfalls and lakes where the animals could drink and swim. That was his plan, but baltasaar was always ahead of his time, and was already thinking about his next step, building a dome. Who could protect him and his paradise from the evil witches. Witches who hated him and who came up with a plan to transform paradise into a dark forest without warmth, love and light, what baltasaar had in mind, a paradise where every beautiful animal or plant could shine in the sun.

Gr Angelique