The man I've loved the most ❤ my dad


Of all my brothers, the one who had the best relationship with my dad was always me.

As a child I admired him for his love and passion for family and work, a few days ago he turned 79 years ago, it caused me deep pain not being able to be there with him as I was planning.

My dad was uneducated and despite all this I always fought for us and continued to persevere. A good person, noble, full of much love that I have left to give me, so much so that my brother was upset about it.

The relationship between us is unique despite the distance that separates us today we have always been very close. I remember how we played as children and how when I was in the first years of elementary school he helped me do homework without my mom noticing. So that we could start playing.

It is the most beautiful relationship that a father has with his children.

Just as YHVH (God) has it with us, father's love is unique and special.