The Man With the Smile


Mary of Migdal is not only the prostitute that men seek and women flee, or the palm leaves basket weaver for the market on the Sea of ​​Galilee. Mary is also the woman who at night, silently, secretly, prays to the goddess Ashera, whom her mother taught her to worship. She doesn’t like the Law of the God of the Temple, but she doesn’t like the rules of the God of the Essenes either.

This is the story of the encounter between Mary of Migdal and Yeshua ‘bar Yosef, of a solitary inhuman sacrifice, of an extreme decision that will initiate the voice of a resurrection. This is also the story of many other characters, of Mary of Nazareth and her burning love for her son, of Giovanni, the most beloved disciple, of Kefa, of Bar Abba, of Pontius Pilate, of Bar Kayafa, of Yosef the carpenter, of Judah Ish Karioth.

This novel is a secular but poignant reinterpretation of the evangelical subject. It is a study on the truth that kills, on the reason of life and suffering, on the questions that we all ask ourselves without getting an answer, but, above all, it is the story of absolute love, stronger than death itself.

L’uomo del sorriso

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