The missing piece... found!

It happens to every puzzler: you've been puzzling, and then suddenly a piece, or even a few pieces disappeared.

Most of the time you search the whole house, sometimes people plunder the vacuum bag, and sometimes you find it back, but often you don't!

Then I hope for you that you were making a puzzle of Jan van Haasteren, you know those fun drawn puzzles with all those little men on them, which always happens.

And that always shows at least 1 shark fin, Jan's trademark.

Because if you make a Jan van Haasterenpuzzle, and you've lost a piece, then there's the great team of Jan van Haasteren missing pieces!

Led by Christa Scherpenisse, a team of people working in daytime work to complete incomplete puzzles.

They have a huge stock of Jan van Haasteren puzzles, and if you miss a piece you can request it from them, of course for a small fee.

How's his job?

You take pictures of your puzzle: First off the lid.

Take a picture of the bottom left corner of your puzzle.

You take a picture of the missing piece, and about 7 pieces around it (right from above, not too dark and without flash).

You list (or take a picture of) the puzzle number.

See if you have a smooth puzzle or one embossed.

Please email all of this information to

You'll get an automatic email back almost instantly that you receive message when your request has been viewed.


It may take a while, because there are many missing pieces, and the Corona has caused the work to be stopped for a while.

About a week ago I got a message: our missing piece was probably found.

If I wanted to see if I agreed with the piece?

My photo on the left, right the photo I got in the mail.

I agree!

And so I paid the requested €2.25 (for each extra piece you pay €0.25), and emailed my address.

I should be able to wait a while, because there has to be a client present who can write, to ship the place.

Obviously fine!

I waited a week, and then a neat envelope fell into my bus:


In the envelope: the missing piece, and a mini puzzle, how fun is that!

I'm so glad I wanted to put this team in the spotlight on this.

Did you know that Jan drew a special puzzle as a tribute to this team?

I'm going to make that puzzle soon, and I'll no doubt write about that.!

So do you have a Jan van Haasteren puzzle, or a wasgij puzzle or a That's life & pieces of history puzzle, and are you lost a piece?

Mail to these chunks, they're happy to help you, and you have another complete puzzle!

All addresses:

Jan van Haasteren:


That's life & pieces of history:

By the way, you can also go here if you want to donate one of these puzzles!

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