The Mistakes of Yoors

Thinking Errors Yoors

I made several big thinking mistakes with Yoors! Below I take you into my minefield. And I would like to explain two crucial mistakes. You can read how we deal with these mistakes in thinking in the following posts.

For the last few years, I've been looking for a model where the advertiser will give you a little bit of something as a producer consumer. And that is a big mistake! You can find my post from then on (Why is Yoors necessary) below. You see a picture in which the third forgotten party, the consumer. So you, a portion of the proceeds will receive:

As it is now everywhere:


The way I saw it:


You're a con man!

We started implementing the above picture: Yoors currently pays (March 2020) the page views you generate with your posts. After a long run, it starts to run pretty well. Although I was seen as a scam for the first year and people didn't understand that there could be something like a fair platform that actually does what it promises and pays the generated page views to you. This is also an aspect that I have greatly underestimated. The fear you see in people on the street sometimes when you just say 'good morning' seems to be much bigger online. Also the hatred, by the way. The Netherlands appears to be the online country of hatred.

This has always been the starting point:
You create content.
This adds value to the platform so that must be redeemaded.
The general reasoning now is:
You can post something on Facebook and that's' free 'so we can do whatever we want with you and your data.
You need to keep your mouth shut and, above all, continue to generate free content.
By the way, we're not listening to you because you can't reach us.

Death to the pageview

Yoors now pays you 0.1 eurocents per view. If you generate 300,000 page views, you earn 300 euros a month. There are some people who do that, but that's really hard work. And that 0.1 cent is too much! If you have to sell these page views to an advertiser, it's too expensive. And then we should stick Yoors full of ads. An unold model when people rightly start using ad blockers. And there's nothing left for whoever made the mail. Let alone for Yoors. That is fallout 1.

Thinking error number two, the most important.

But my main mistake is thinking error 2, although it is also mainly motivated by the ever-moving zeitgeist. The online ad model is dead! My eyes were opened by the weird leaps Facebook has been making lately. You know the plantation that we work together every day for Mark Zuckerberg. Who does not pay us for this or otherwise compensates us. Yeah, you can use Facebook within its rules of censorship.

He just takes more. More data = More Personal Information = Less privacy.

You've been hearing more and more recently that people have made a phone call and a few hours after seeing ads on topics from that conversation in the newsfeed before them. Is that what you want? Is that possible? Can you do that? Where is that going?

You have a certain condition. That 'knows' Facebook and therefore all advertisers. At some point, you can not insure more or more difficult. You don't know that yourself, because based on all traded data, you don't get the relevant insurers in the picture anymore. A cordon sanitaire is placed around you without you being aware of it. Here, by the way, the argument goes up in smoke that you have nothing to hide and so everyone can know everything about you:

        1. Based on very unconscious behavior of yours, things are decided by algorithms...
        2. Also not deliberately decided by a human being on the other side but ever programmed...
        3. Which you're not aware are decided...

Mark can not do otherwise

Recently it became known that Mark asked US banks for your financial data so that he can link it to your Facebook - Whats app - Instagram profile. That can't happen, can it? The Libra is in full development, so it's going to happen. That's the own Facebook coin. All payments linked to everything Mark already knows about you. And you know Mark can't do anything but that? He is listed on the stock exchange and will therefore have to grow to please the shareholder.

          1. All income comes from advertisers.
          2. So he has to sell more ads.
          3. All people are already on Facebook.
          4. So he needs to show you more ads.
          5. So he needs to know more about you.
          6. Go back to 1.
That breaks once. Or is already “broken. “ According to some analysts, things are already going hard. So the business model on which all this is running is broken and can only survive if it makes you suffer even more. Incidentally, for example, this trend is not visible in the Facebook stock exchange price which is still rising.

There must always be someone broken

Even if you don't experience it that way. After all, you 'get' Facebook 'for free' is always the (very weak) argument. But you get nothing at all is taken alone. Everything you place, for example, is not yours anymore. It's Mark's.

Somewhere in the capitalist chain, nowadays there is almost always a party, no a person. A human being. A child. The one must be broken. At Amazon, prices are low because the salaries of hundreds of thousands of warehouse employees are below all levels. With your Apple Iphone, Chinese Foxconn employees commit suicide because they have to work 18 hours a day.

And your shirt from the H&M is so cheap because... you know that yourself. Anyway on Facebook you must be destroyed by the advertiser who wants more and more data. Your attention will need to be held anyway. Because the number of monthly eyeballs on such a platform (MAU = Monthly Active Users) determine the value of the platform.

This is also the reason why TikTok's marketing is so extremely invested to get you and your children to TikToKing so that they get hooked for a longer period of time.

Adblockers are cool

Thinking error 2 is that we have to forget about the advertiser altogether. That must be out. As a result, we became servants of the pageview and slaves of the data trade. Eliminate and remove from the process. We need to get to something that looks like the Netflix model!

And more than 35% of people now use an ad blocker. So you guys are obviously ready to do that... do you know that if we all use a good ad blocker, all major platforms will collapse?

          • Because no ads.
          • Is not a sale of ads.
          • Is no income for
          • Is to be pathetic..:


But no data trading with your data either. Your data!
And the argument that you get to see better ads is a bad argument now also says a Dutch judge:

The Dutch Data Protection Authority has imposed a fine of 525,000 euros on the tennis association Knltb. The association sold the personal data of members to sponsors. It is the second fine in the Netherlands under the AVG.The fine is for the Royal Dutch Lawn Tennis Association. In June and July of 2018, this was done by reselling the data of 350,000 members. The data of 50,000 members were sold to one sponsor, while another sponsor received the data of 300,000 members. The sponsors used that data to contact the members by post or phone, writes the privacy watchdog - Yes. Because media 2018 took place, this is a violation of the GDPR, the European privacy law. The union sold at the smallbatchaddresses. The large batchinvolved phone numbers, e-mail addresses, address details and birth dates. Of the 300,000 members, 39,000 were approached. The sponsor stopped this at the request of the Knltb.

The Netflix model is not so crazy yet

At Netflix, you just pay for what you see. You buy a service and that's it. Of course, they collect data to show you the best series, but there is no advertiser in the game who buys it or deals with your data. For example, this also applies to Apple. Expensive but no trader in your data. By the way, someone just calculated that Facebook should cost about $11$ a month to be as profitable as it is now. You're not gonna pay that to Facebook, of course? But it's time for a paid platform that you can earn on.

Apple and Netflix are selling something to you right away. You can choose whether you want it or not. The models of Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Tiktok are all completely dependent on ads. You are not a full party to that transaction. Facebook makes a deal with an advertiser over your head or rather behind your back. They're going past you. Once there is a direct model, it also implies that you have what to choose.

What can Yoors do for you?

So we have concluded that the page view route is not the correct route. Dead end. And I experimented fully with the Fairshare Model. The creator and dealer both benefit when your posts are shared. This only turns out to be a difficult to understand and quite abstract model. It does not let go of me and I will definitely come back to that.

So back to the drawing board! What do you need as a content maker? What problem should Yoors solve for you? That is the crucial question. I think many content makers just want to receive appreciation and compensation for their work. But commenters also want to be seen!

Rating and Remuneration

Valuation in the form of attention and remuneration in the form of money. In that order. In the coming period we will bring a number of things online where a visitor of your post can reward you immediately. So the reward is 100% for you. This can be done with a very small amount but also with a larger amount. I call it Yoors Love & Support. By the way, not the whole Yoors team is happy with that. So you don't need a lot of page views or followers. Anyone who comes to your post can reward you immediately. And anyone who writes a good reaction can also be rewarded immediately. All the details will follow early next week in the coming online of the first elements and an explanation.

The thinking and working line we follow in 2020: What can Yoors do for you directly?

These principles are not negotiable:

  1. No data trading but privacy and ownership #Privacy #Ownership
  2. No censorship but complete freedom of opinion and expression #Censorship
  3. No users but members, respect and engagement #Members #Respect
  4. No Insta glamour but real life and real stories. #Instaglamour #Raw
  5. No filter bubble but transparency. #Filterbubble #Transparancy
  6. No addiction focused platform but influence development. #Influence
  7. No song but Human to Human #Notanumber #Human2Human
  8. Not ads, but income. #Noads #Income