The museum VIP card makes much possible...


We got another museum VIP card.
That means we get to pick museums where we want to go.

Quite a challenge with 3 sons, of which are between the oldest and the last 5 years,
so it is a regular occurrence of a day out what the oldest already knows by heart, and the youngest has not been or little.

But we couldn't skip Madurodam!

Even for the oldest, this was fun because:
They change regularly, renew their park and get rides.

The rides were super! for the youngest a bit scary, unfortunately, because he doesn't like unexpected and dark and unpredictable things.

but what did we enjoy with the whole family!

The elder was able to indulge in the church bell organ.
we had only been to amsterdam so we immediately looked to see if they built it properly.

Historic Attractions

Get yourself in a 3d photo. .

And take a tram to scheveningen! because we were very close to that by now!

Madurodam, always a fun outing for young and old!