The Old Windmill and the Tower

My appartment is located away from the fashionable center and a little bit towards the outskirts of Lisbon. I don't have many things here, except a few cafés, a supermarket and all that revolves around a big hospital, oh and yes, Benfica stadium. Benfica is one of two big football teams here in Lisbon. I enjoy the peace and quiet so much, especially when there are no football games and I can look out and enjoy the view. Here is the lucky view from my window. I am in love with the old Mill. I heard there some plans to modify it, I hope they never do because it is perfect just as it is. Old, rustic, a witness to the passage of time. And further away to the left is a yellow tower. I love it so much! My neighbours told me it may belong to the Lisbon Zoo, which is more or less close by beyond the hill. For some months, some horrible, grey, block construction denied me view of my favourite tower. I was so sad that I could no longer admire it everyday and that I had barely taken any photos of the "before". Well, to my big surprise, only last week they started removing the construction in front of the tower again and now I can enjoy it again. Hopefully it will all stay as it is now. #photography #lisbon #mill #windmill #tower #ruins

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