The perfect picture part four pr-oyster

Every week a new story of the perfect picture.
This time I have given both pictures of Bibi Breijman a place in my story. #schrijven , #perfecteplaatje

An oyster in white chocolate.

Pure for a piece of pr-oyster in chocolate. So, in short, a showcolade taster. Intended to praise food. Prizes are indeed thought in this broadcast of the perfect picture. Bibi managed to shape her role in promoting the best possible way forward.
Riding through red and doing so at the moment the long arm of the law watches. The fine wasn't lying about it, so this perfect picture, the receipt in this case, or also called a print. A print well, I must say that the person who made the perfect prayer card this time must have been Bibi. Okay, along with her basketball player.
Eevn back to our PR oyster. Yes, here too I can cut the word for convenience in a different way. Oh, star. Well, then you're a star and you're going to the fog. Now you think maybe you forget about the chocolate for convenience. Well, fine, then I'll go further on that. So that chocolate is a shell. To put things in context. A shell. A shell in which, in principle, a pearl could grow.

A pearl? Isn't that how they try to denote something terribly beautiful? Something that grows, the longer you let it grow? Two meters thirteen, I heard. Growing further does not seem desirable to me. Are we talking about the pearl in question here? The basketball player? Or do we focus more on that ball, which in terms of shape fits much better with the pearl from the oyster?

Well, if it's up to me, we have a growing gem in Bibi and I hope very much that there will be some beautiful images. Let's be honest, she really is the only one who has managed to produce 3 prints, two of which really got the price! At least it blowing up a lot of dust! Nitrogen now, at the food shot.

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