The power of the mind

#health The power of the human mind is as infinite as unknown. Science itself affirms it and tries to solve the enigma of how it works and how far can an effective and greater use of our brain take us. Although there are many unanswered questions regarding the power of the human mind, we do know that we can learn to channel positive energy, which is very beneficial in achieving our goals. On the other hand, controlling negative thoughts, helps to improve our physical and mental health. Here are a few tips to drive away bad thoughts.

Your mind takes you where your body doesn't reach

We may be physically limited, but this doesn't mean we can't even fly with our imagination.. There are many parables that tell us how a prisoner, despite living in prison, can be free, because in his thought no one can control him. In the same way, a person, a priori free, which happens frequently, lives prey to his fears, complexes and traumas, and carries them as invisible chains that will never allow him to fly.

It is not physical, but psychic barriers that limit us. That is why there are blind people who become great journalists and even writers, or deaf like Beethoven, who was going to say it, become great composers. Not having legs does not prevent important athletes who have overcome their physical and psychological limitations reaching awards and Olympic medals.

How to move away negative thoughts

The first thing to drive away a negative thought is to recognize it. There are many ways to torture yourself mentally. When a thought makes you feel bad, makes you back, makes you doubt or feel fear and insecurity, remove it from your head.

Don't give control to your thoughts. Don't let an idea hovering your head and make your peace of mind. Be you who controls what thoughts to have and fill yourself with the positives.

Surround yourself with positive people. Negative people are a deadly weapon around them. They are silent and even if you see them harmless, with their negativity, they spread you and drag you into pessimism. So, let yourself be carried away by the good, by the people who make you laugh and feel good.

Your language is magical. You haven't noticed, but magic words exist.. Your negative language, floods you with negativity. Speak positive, always. Because even if you don't give it importance, your brain does, and it keeps the orders they interpret from your words.

With a little practice, you can control your mind and, with it, reach your goals no matter what the circumstances seem. Freedom and autonomy is more mental than physical.

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