God wants us to live healthy and prosper. (3 John 1:2) Through Jesus Christ, He has given us dominion over everything. The principles of living a healthy life will help you attain a happy and satisfying life.

What Is Healthy Living?
It is a balanced way of life that brings about spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, financial and social wellness.

What Is The Importance Of Having A Healthy Lifestyle?
Living a healthy lifestyle has various benefits such as:
i)    Prolonging life
ii)    Improving fertility
iii)    Boosting self esteem and increasing confidence
iv)    Preventing diseases and minimizing medical expenses

The Principles Of Living A Healthy Life
1.Healthy Eating
a. Eat a well-balanced meals rich in proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, minerals, lipids, and fiber for proper nourishment and functioning of the body.
b. To avoid indigestion and acidity, avoid unhealthy eating habits such overeating.
c. Reduce your consumption of processed foods. Most of them are high in salt, sugar, and fats that are risk factors for obesity, heart disease and hypertension.
d. Drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses daily
Water offers numerous advantages to the body including;
i)    Body temperature control
ii)    Assisting with digestion
iii)    Preventing acne and stretch marks by maintaining healthy skin and keeping it smooth and supple.
iv) blood pressure control
iv)    Toxin elimination
2.Physical Activity
Exercise regularly to tone your muscles and enhance blood flow throughout your body, allowing your organs to work properly. Exercising also assists in weight loss, weight control, and weight maintenance. Simple exercises like walking, swimming and jogging can be included in your everyday activities to keep fit.
3.Adequate Sleep and Rest
Insufficient or no sleep is detrimental to your health. Sleep deprivation has been linked to early aging. Sleep facilitates resting of the body’s organs, healing and rejuvenation, hormone regulation, and hunger regulation. To obtain enough rest, get at least 8 hours of quality sleep per day. Enough sleep will helps to refresh your mind and improve your focus in life.
4.Self Appreciation And Love
Love yourself and practice self care by taking some time away from your everyday schedules to relax and focus on yourself. You can treat yourself for lunch or dinner or go on vacation.
5.Regular Medical Examinations
Regularly visit the hospital for medical examinations.
It is important to check your blood pressure, blood sugar and screen for STIs, breast and cervical cancer to rule out diseases or detect them early enough for treatment.
Avoid negative vibes and energy by
• staying away from bad company and surrounding yourself with people that bring good influence in your life.
• speaking nice things about yourself by declaring victory, instead of grumbling and having negative thoughts and a bad attitude.
Whenever you’re feeling down, you can find encouragement from the bible, inspiring quotes, and people who care about you. You can also watch inspirational videos to uplift you and help you maintain focus in life.
7. Dental Care
Maintain good oral hygiene by brushing your teeth at least two times in a day, flossing and rinsing your mouth with water or mouth wash after meals to protect you from infections and tooth decay and improve your appearance.
8.Purposeful Living
Know your purpose and strive to achieve it. Determine your goals and work towards them. Use your skills and talents to enrich your life and the lives of others.
9.Personal Development
Every day, strive to be a better person. Allow yourself to discover something new every day. Improve your marketability by learning new skills. This may help you gain better employment, higher salaries, and a better life.
10.Good Mentorship
Learn from someone who has achieved the success you desire. Allow them to hold your hand and assist you through your job and life.
Learn about the techniques they used to get to where they are now, as well as what worked and what did not.
Avoid making the same mistakes they did. When you make a mistake, be willing to listen, learn, and be corrected. Mentor someone else as you perfect your craft so that you can pass on the knowledge.
11.Creating Opportunities
If you find yourself not getting hired for any jobs, hire yourself. Start your own company or business. All you need is a concept and the determination to make it a reality. Begin with whatever resources you have available and carry one.
12.Building useful Networks
As you socialize and meet new people establish helpful connections that will advance your business, career and life.
13.Making Good Habits, Breaking Bad Habits
Bad habits sabotage your success and can lead to a lot of stress and health issues. Unhealthy habits such as drinking alcohol, smoking, and abusing drugs have negative consequences on your life and should be avoided. To overcome bad habits you first need to accept that you have a problem and be willing to solve it. Then find a good habits that you can replace with the bad one and work towards that change.
14.Proper Stress Management
Sometimes you may experience stress and frustrations in life. Relieve this tension by speaking with a trusted person, seeking spiritual advice or engaging in fun activities like games, movies and dancing.
15.Maintaining Healthy Relationships
Learn to live in harmony with people by avoiding arguments, complains, trouble and fights.
Proper communication and understanding your own weaknesses and strengths, as well as those around you will enhance peaceful coexistence. When offended, avoid keeping grudges so as not to be bitter and resentful. Learn to forgive and let go.
16.Meditation and Prayer
Meditate upon the word of God and pray daily to maintain your spiritual health. This will give you hope, strength and encouragement to help you go through different situations in your life. Pray for God to speak to you through His word and give you direction, guidance and solutions to your problems.
Joshua 1:8 reveals that meditating upon the word of God and observing His teachings brings about prosperity and success.
These principles will help you improve your lifestyle. I hope you observe them to have a healthy body, soul and spirit. May you walk in divine health and prosperity. #health #wellness #stressmanagement

The Principles Of Living A Healthy Life