The rise of man

And this is also the content of his book. It seems strange that there should be a chapter entitled "Card Games and Blackmail" in this serious tome entitled "Game Theory and Economic Behaviour" (theory of gamesand economic behavior). It is even more surprising and daunting when it is full of grand equations. Mathematics is not a flashy thing, especially for a mind as unusually sharp and agile as Newman's. Running through this page of manuscript is a clear thread of wisdom, euphemistic and cantabile, and those heavy equations are just the bass part of the symphony. In the latter half of his life, Newman made this subject what I call his second great idea. He realized the technical importance of the electronic computer, but he also came to realize that one must clearly understand how different real life situations are from those of the electronic computer, simply because there are no accurate answers to game or engineering calculations in real life. I will use my own vocabulary to describe Newman's achievements without using his technical words. He distinguished between short-term tactics and long-term strategies. Tactics can be calculated precisely, but strategy cannot. Newman's success in mathematics and mathematical thinking is that he shows that there is, after all, a way to formulate a "best" strategy. In his last years, he wrote a masterpiece entitled The Computer and the Brain (the computerand the brain) in 1956. The book was originally written for the Silliman Lecture, but he was unable to give it because of his serious illness. In these lectures, he argues that the human brain has a certain language, according to which the activities of different parts of the brain are connected and coordinated with each other, so that we can make plans and design programs as an all-embracing way of life-in the humanities, we call it a value system. Newman is charming and full of personality. He is the smartest man I know, and no one can match him. If we say that a genius is a person with "two" great ideas,Plastic Foam Dispenser Bottle, he is a genius. His death in 1957 was a great tragedy for all of us. And that's not because he's humble and amiable. I remember during the war, when we were working together, we once solved a difficult problem together, and he immediately said to me, "Oh, no, you don't understand the problem.". Your figurative mind doesn't work here. Think about it in the abstract. On this strongly developed photograph, the first derivative disappears at the same time, which is why only the second derivative can be seen. As he said, Plastic Spray Bottles Wholesale ,cosmetic packaging wholesale, that's not the way I think. But I let him go to London. I left for my lab in the country and worked late into the night. About midnight, I came to the same conclusion as he did. Thinking that Newman always sleeps late, I didn't wake him up until after 10 o'clock in the morning, out of kindness. I called his hotel in London and he answered the phone from his bed. I said, "Johnny, you're right." He replied, "Did you wake me up in the morning to tell me I was right?"? Please wait until I make a mistake. Does this sound unruly? It's not. This is a true reflection of his life. There was something in it that reminded me that he had wasted the last days of his life. He didn't do the great job, and it was always a very difficult job behind him. He did not finish because he gave up asking himself how other "people" looked at the problem. He became increasingly passionate about working for private companies, industry and government. These affairs brought him to the center of power, but they did not promote his learning, nor did they promote his intimacy with others, who still do not understand what he wanted to do with the human mathematics of life and thought. Newman revelled in the tyranny of knowledge. This is a belief that can only destroy human civilization. If we are to do anything, we must form a democracy of knowledge and intellect.
Our civilization must not perish because of the alienation between people and government, between people and power, and the decline of Babylon, Egypt and Rome. Only when knowledge is held by people who have no ambition to control others, rather than by authoritarian power groups, can this alienation be bridged or narrowed. This seems to be a painful lesson. After all, the world is run by experts: isn't that what people call a scientific society? No, it's not. The scientific society is only such a society, and experts can indeed work in areas such as electricity. But only you, only I, must understand the creation of "nature" and in this sense, use my mind to understand how electricity, for example, is a manifestation of the creation of nature. We did not advance the research on human life and brain that once attracted Newman. So, is it possible to find a satisfactory basis for the complete person and perfect social behavior that we advocate? We have seen that human behavior is characterized by an inherent delay in order to prepare for successive actions in the future. The biological rationale for this deferral runs through humanity's long childhood and slow maturation. But the delay in human action goes far beyond that. As adults, as decision-makers, as human beings, our actions are conditioned by values,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, which I understand as the general strategy of people to balance opposing impulses. In fact, we don't live by any kind of puzzle solving computer program. The problem of human life is impossible to solve in such a sense. Instead, we can only shape our behavior by looking for guidelines to guide our actions. We design our ethics or value system to ensure that what is desirable in the short term is balanced with what is satisfying in the long term and ultimately.