“La Juma de Ayer” a song included in the album “Fe, Esperanza y Caridad”, together with “Oriente”, marked an entire era in the history of the salsa music genre, it was 1979 and Henry Fiol had just retired from the Saoco Ensemble where he co-founded and starred as the singing voice and touch of Congas.

At this moment, the producers decide to promote Salsa Romántica, where the polyrhythmic aspects disappear to give more attention to the lyrics and somehow open the doors to new genres such as regeton and bachata in their new versions.

And another mitigation to condemn the musical production that inspired Arsenio Rodriguez in the 1940s to oblivion was piracy and the internet.

Thus came “bad luck” and the “law of the jungle” in 1981, obtaining several number one hits in Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, the Dominican Republic and several tours in Latin America.

Two years later 1983 he founded the group “Corazón” and, with the help of the record label Corazon Records, a venture of his own harvest and recorded “Corazón”, “Colorado and Negro” and “Play Billiard”.

Since 1987 he reappears as a soloist and to this day his music continues to sound with the same strength as it was 4 decades ago.

and in a unique effort Fiol gives us 3 albums in the free download mode “Cachete” “Salsa subterranea” and “Citizen of the world” with 31 new songs .

Hernry Fiol was one of the special guests at the Barranquilla Carnival in 2013 and at the Carnival of Arts talks he spoke to us all this as a reflection on what is coming that is, Salsa Clásica will never die.

Barranquilla Colombia 2013.

The Salsero who prefers to give away his music so that the genre never dies.

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