The school and the church.

The God of my life (part 5)

At school you also learned everything from the past centuries and - as a reformatory school should - also from eternity. That was mixed up, too. From the past centuries we learned that the Roman Catholic Church was even worse than the Reformed Church, that Calvin was a God scholar and Luther called to the Reformation, but still full of error. Fluks was thrown away the Roman Catholic child along with the bath water. Not just literally. That, of course. You didn't deal with Roman Catholic children. But also and above all, a lot of traditional, false stupidity. Images were wrong! Well, to worship, and that's why you better have nothing to do with it. The Pope, as a plainder!! of Jesus, had even removed the second commandment in its entirety from the Bible. Carved images and before that to bow was fine for him! And the Pope was infallible, so if he deleted anything, all Catholics believed it. And they weren't allowed to read the Bible anyway. And they really believed that a piece of bread at supper - echarisdinges they called it - became the Body of Christ. Well, then I ask you. Had Luther not rightly asked what was in the toilet the next day, yes?? The catechism learned quite rightly that we were dealing here with the “Papal Mass, which is no different than a cursed idolatry”. Well, it still says in that catechism, which is also part of the PKN's confession writings. And whole tribes say it the same way today because they are stupid, traditional, stubborn injustice, who should be believed because they are written down. In elementary school, we learned that we had nothing to do with such things. We lived our own lives and had hardly any contact with other than heavily reformatory people. We were from the Reformed Church. That was for the best. Then came the exited, the Reformed Municipalities in the Netherlands. The free Old Reformed municipality in H.I. Ambacht could also go through with it. The Reformed League in the Reformed Church did, although that was already difficult. So my ecclesiastical awareness was formed around the understanding of truth. Who was right was not the question, but how to prove that we were right. Our catechization booklet (even such a word - what child wants to catechization) successively mentioned the errors of the Pelagians, the Arminians, the Lutherans, the Anaptists, the Jehovah's witnesses (in an annex of course) to train us in a proper sense of God. I write it here with small letters, because it was “nowhere” about, of course. Well, nowhere, at least not about a proper sense of God. God had become more the heavenly chief, who kept to all his earthly workers the right rules and accurately kept track of whether they were adhering to them.

School and church were closely related. The same gloomy doctrine was the starting point. Not that we couldn't laugh at school. We did. We sang and laughed, we played and it was just as crazy in our schoolyard as it was in the schoolyard of the ordinary reformed children. Religion, Religion was so part of our lives that the affairs of the ages and the affairs of eternity ran right through each other. For example, we didn't have converted children. And that never came up. At school, then. In the church, though. “Boys and girls, it's for you too! , there was occasionally called from the pulpit” but that was not possible at all, since the matter had been settled for a long time. And if you were chosen, you didn't find out until later. Reformed and Roman Catholics did not suffer from this. They all thought they were going to heaven. They'd still find out. With an imaginary sky to hell was terrible. We probably went to hell too, but at least we knew.

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