The Shim (part 12)

Dong, Thing, suddenly shouted it hard about the outdoor area. Anton was terrified. He had completely forgotten that the evening shift began. There were, of course, if you were sick and apologize, but otherwise there was no reason to be absent. So he put it on a sprint, to the chapel.

He arrived in time just before the doors closed and quickly slipped in. A single classmate looked at him amazingly as he let himself explode relieved on the wooden wood.

Another turned his head abruptly, his gaze was on thunderstorms. Anton quickly folded his hands and drew a guilty face, keeping his head a little crooked. Hopefully that helped, after all, he did not want to make enemies.

After the organ and the vocals, the tranquillity, also with Anton, returned a bit. His beating heart was calmed and he was able to see the situation calmly again. Soon, after the service he had to investigate the matter further. Maybe he could get one of the boys in

In his mind he went off the line and came out with Martijn. Why exactly did he not know, but there was some kind of certainty from that boy.