The whole battlefield has become a mess. Although the sky is calm, the crisis that may arise at any time in this calm is even more terrible. On the other side of the burning sky, there is a constant fusion of subordinates who have been absorbed by him one by one. And Zhou Weiqing's side of the evil God, is also doing similar things, but he is not killing people, but to ingest a Tiandan, put it into the stars of God. Yes, it's the star feedback. Zhou Weiqing had already killed several strong opponents before, and the number of strong people who died on the battlefield was quite a lot. Burning the sky must be ingested, and Zhou Weiqing only needs to ingest the core of the sky. For a time, the evil God and the God of destruction were bathed in different lights at the same time, and the symphony of creation and destruction was shining, constantly blooming in the air. Wei Qing, take it. Liujue Shenjun Long Shiya threw his right hand, and a ray of light flew straight to the sky. It was Shen Mo he had killed before. Before coming here, Zhou Weiqing had told his strong side that after killing the enemy, he must capture Tiandan and give it to himself when necessary. He has now reached the peak of the God level, but even if he has the holy power, it is not easy for him to break through the God level. But as long as we can get enough Tiandan for star feedback, the chance of breakthrough will naturally be much greater. The best thing about holy power is that he doesn't have to worry about eating back or having an unstable foundation. On the top of the Snow God Mountain,Adhesive fish ruler, there was chaos. While Zhou Weiqing and the Burning Sky were accumulating their own strength in midair, suddenly, in the vast array, a violent energy fluctuation suddenly appeared. The dreamlike white smoke and clouds scattered almost instantly, and more than a hundred figures scattered in all directions like Tiannu Sanhua, catapulting in all directions at the fastest speed. Brother Xue, go quickly. The voice of Shangguan Tianyang exploded in the air,Walking measuring wheel, and the already violent energy fluctuations doubled because of the spread of the smoke and clouds. Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu stood quietly on the top of the Snow God Mountain, hand in hand, their eyes were calm, but in the position of their chest, a group of bright purple was slowly spreading. Snow Aotian heard the voice of Shangguan Tianyang for the first time turned to look, when he saw this side of the situation can not help but be shocked, the right hand pulled the day, instantly far away. They're going to blow themselves up. Yes, Huang Nebula and Yun Ruoyu are going to explode. They were helpless, especially when they had just been hit hard by the collision between the elves and the two dragons, and they were about to be unable to hold on. The dark magic dragon took the eastern cold moon to run faster than the snow, and jumped out at the first time when the vast array collapsed. Shangguan Bing son is both hands respectively pull two elder sisters, the wing of the wind God moves with all one's strength, the degree is not much slower than the dark magic dragon unexpectedly. Liujue Shenjun Long Shiya is now the only natural person who can take care of these people of the matchless religion, fish measuring tape ,Diameter tape measure, and they are also swift and distant. The strong people of the Snow God Mountain are also showing their magic, wishing their parents could give birth to less legs and run as fast as they can. At the same time that everyone fled in all directions as if they had met the God of pestilence, the two men who stood quietly holding hands slowly turned around and faced each other. Nebula, why do you bother? Yun Ruoyu looked at her husband sadly and gently stroked Huang Xingyun's face with her right hand. Just now, she took the lead in choosing to detonate Tiandan. In order to give her husband a chance to live. Idiot. You and I have been married for nearly a hundred years, no matter how ambitious I am, no matter how eager I am to rule the world, if you are not around, what is the meaning of all this? Huang Xingyun took his wife's hand and stroked his face. At this moment, there is no more sinister and ruthless in the eyes of the Lord of the Valley of Love, only endless affection for his wife. If you can't live vigorously, you can die vigorously. If the rain, to the underground, we are still together, if there is an afterlife, I still want you. Yun Ruoyu slowly closed her eyes, and she clearly felt that the energy of Tiandan in her body would not be restrained. If it is really to kill the enemy, they should not have half a pause, but at this time, their hearts are full of reluctance, not to life and the world, but to each other.
They want to see each other a few more eyes, even if they have been together for a hundred years, but still can not see each other enough at this moment. Even if it is the other side of the face more branded in their own hearts is also good ah! The top of the Snow God Mountain was almost instantly emptied, and everyone was trying to restrain the energy that was about to explode in the body of Huang Xingyun and Yun Ruoyu. Here, there is only their affectionate gaze at each other. This is the end of their love, but who can say that it is not? 【…… Chapter 299 Lovers Return to Dust (Part 1) Novel Text Updates the Fastest … …] a!! is the fastest to update the full text by hand. Su Suíè om Chapter 299 of the main text: Lovers end up in the dust (middle). is the fastest to update the full text by hand. Su Suíè om Chapter 299 lovers end up in the dust (middle). "Ruoyu, do you regret following me on this road?" Huang Xingyun's eyes reveal a trace of guilt, from beginning to end, it is his ambition that leads everything. You and I are one. Why do you ask me? Cloud if rain gently smile, smile is so light wind and light clouds. Huang Xingyun smiled, "Ruoyu, I want to kiss you, okay?" Yun Ruoyu also smiled, slowly raised his head, sent his red lips, and murmured, "I still remember the first time you kissed me.". I love you, Nebula. "I love you too." Huang Xingyun lowered his head slowly, and the crystal tears flowed uncontrollably from the eyes of the Lord of the Holy Land. Yes, he regretted his stupidity. At this moment, he suddenly realized that compared with his wife, what was power and ambition? Four lips meet, they once again feel each other's temperature and breath,Surveyors tape measure, as well as the trembling of each other. Boom Horrible to the extreme distortion of the halo, accompanied by as if the entire big 6 will be broken for the roar of terror, then released on the top of the Snow God Mountain.

The sky is changing